What new car? – Neighbour exposes Medikal and Fella’s ‘staged’ car surprise

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Mon, 26 Nov 2018 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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Talk of gossip!

Well it seems the drama surrounding the love affair of Fella Makafui and her rapper boyfriend Medikal will not go away any time soon. A neighbour has just spilled the tea!

According to this neighbour who was interviewed by Zion Felix, the Audi8 that Medikal gave as gift to Fella, which almost broke the internet is an old car that has been parked at Medikal’s house many months before the surprise presentation.

The neighbour didn’t mince words when she told Zion Felix categorically that in fact not only was the car parked at Medikal’s house for many months, she saw Fella and her boyfriend taking old stuff out of the ‘new car’

Hmm, if what this neighbour is saying is true then it brings me to a very important question…”what is the point” why did Medikal have to pretend to surprise Fella with a car? But then I remembered…

In a video that went viral a few days ago, some guys were seen ripping off a customized number plate off a Ford Mustang belonging to the actress. Reports made rounds suggesting that an ex-boyfriend of Fella who had reportedly opened the wine shop and also bought the two cars for her caused his 'boys' to close down the shop and seize the cars.

So for Rapper Medikal to redeem himself as the good lover he is, he bought an Audi A8 vehicle for his girlfriend, actress, Fella Makafui.

The musician, on Friday, posted a video of the car being presented to Fella on his Twitter handle.

“Just got my babe an Audi A8! Love is Gangsta,” he tweeted.

For those of you lost on the story, here is my personal recap!

A few years back Sister Derby introduced Medikal (yea..the poof poof crooner) as her boyfriend. Many did not really believe it was a genuine relationship especially because of the age difference, but the two kept going almost to the shame of critics.

Then rumours of infidelity started rearing its head. The rumour had it that Medikal was getting very cosy with Miss Fella Makafui, a rumour he vehemently denied.

Fast forward, it happened that the rumour was actually true and that the two were dating “gidigidi”

Sister Derby has since composed a song titled “kakalika love,” which showbiz community say is intended to taunt the duo in which she referred to the love birds as cockroaches for always hiding in the dark.

Well now that we know the car is not a new car and that the surprise was staged, and also with reports coming from DVLA that the number plate is not genuine how will these two redeem themselves?

These celebrities are always giving us wahala!

Source: www.ghanaweb.com