Entertainment Tue, 15 Jun 2010

What’s Happening To Becca’s Fund?

SINCE SHE announced her intention to register 100000 children under the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) last December, many people began to question how Becca was going to achieve that.

On March 20, she organized a ball to raised funds for her project. At the Ball, Delloitte and Touche, an international accounting and auditing firm, revealed that they were going to be the only signatories of the account which was meant for the project.

Just last week, news started marking rounds on the internet that Becca is squandering money meant for the Children’s Ball. Reacting to that news, Mr. Emmanuel Sei of Delloitte and Touche said “If anyone is misusing the funds, we should be blamed.

As we stated, since this whole thing started, we were the only signatories to the account. Anytime money is withdrawn from the accounts, we must issue a check, and statements to that effect.”

With clients like Nestle, Ashanti Goldfields Company, Agricultural Development Bank and the Government of Ghana, one cannot expect Delloitte and Touche to put their reputation on the line and allow Becca and her management to mess up with the account.

Mr. Sei also revealed that the account has less than GH¢20, 000 in actual cash, in there. Most of the people who made the pledges have been difficult to contact, for the money.

According to him, most of them are waiting to see the $100,000 Kampac Oil (KOIL) pledged to the project, before adding theirs.

For a company like KOIL, who grosses $3.8 billion annually, $100, 000 is peanuts, so why the delay in paying?

Answering that question, Mr. Charles Anyomi, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Kampac Ghana, said “I pledged that amount based on instructions I received from our headquarters in Dubai, so I am waiting for the next line of action.

The board and management in Dubai are still working on processing the funds before I can effect payment.” He added that he was personally a humanitarian, and the company is one who believes in humanitarian causes.

When Becca was asked how she was going to register 100,000 children and cater for expenses incurred in organizing the ball, since it appeared she was not likely get her target of over $150,000 even if KOIL pays its $100,000, she replied “Since I am committed to what I have planned to do, I am going to use the entire money I get to register the kids, and hope next year I can raise enough funds to cater for the kids and cost of organizing the ball. Luckily for me, my dad has promised to help me with some of the expenses of the ball.”

She also expressed confidence that Kampac Ghana was going to fulfill their pledge, adding “You know, with big organizations, releasing funds doesn’t happen overnight, due processes have to be followed.”

When asked for her perception about the pull-him-down attitude being displayed by some people on the internet, regarding this subject, she smiled and stated “good always conquers evil, so I will not be deterred, because if I am, it is the poor underprivileged children that will suffer.”

Source: Daily Guide