Music Mon, 30 Jul 2007

What’s up with Adez?

People like Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson and Paris Hilton have something in common. If they sound like names of superstars in the US, well they are.

What about Victoria Stokes? The first time this name started making the rounds was during the maiden edition of the ‘Stars of the Future’ reality show, produced by Charter House. If that name still doesn’t sound familiar, how about Adez?

Victoria Nana Adezoa Stokes is the name of one of the wannabe singers who featured on ‘Mentor II’. In the show, she was popularly called Adez and she was one of the reps from the Western Region.

While many people do not have the urge to continue a course after a few setbacks, some still find a reason to keep fighting their way through. That’s exactly what Adez is made of.

After failing to make her mark in both ‘Stars of the future’ and ‘Mentor’ Adez has decided to dust herself and move on. She’s currently working the studios and she’d soon release an album. For now, she’s rather tight-lipped about what she’s working on and those she’s working with.


Adez, 26, has been a singer for the greater part of her life, performing mostly on stage. As a singer she’s performed at live shows with the likes Kojo Atwi and Hugh Masekela as backup vocalist.

“Doing shows at events is not an easy task,” she says, explaining that her participation in ‘Mentor’ and ‘Stars of the future’ taught her a lot.

“Before I went into those competitions, I knew nothing about microphone techniques and stage craft but these shows have given me the impetus to be better at what I do whiles having fun.”

So her album is something that would prove to the world that she’s gotten better. She’s putting a lot into it and she is optimistic that her newfound fame will get people buying her records. Just watch out and keep listening.

Source: ghanamusic.com