Why I stopped using my baptismal name Peter - Akrobeto reveals

Sat, 17 Oct 2020 Source: My News GH

The pride of every society is to keep its cultural heritage to protect and preserve the society for hundreds of generations.

One most important aspect of this cultural preservation is having an indigenous name from the ancestors which makes you easily identified wherever you go.

However, the story in the Ghanaian community is different as religion has been able to erase the traditional naming system through which one can readily be identified.

Many go to church and get their names changed, while the old educational system also played part in this culturally depleting act.

However, few Ghanaian parents have been able to maintain their culture by not naming their kids after white supremacy.

One of these individuals is Ghanaian actor Akrobeto born Akwesi Boadi who has revealed that he had an English name but it took the boldness of the founder of Kantanka Automobiles Apostle Kwadwo Safo Kantanka to change his Christian name and gave him a local one.

According to him, his Christian name was Peter and going forward his friends added Saint (St) to it making St. Peter.

“Back in school I was called Peter Boadi. One thing is that my colleagues called me St. Peter because there was a truck that used to transport goods from our community with the inscription St. Pater so they started calling me by that”.

He revealed in a TV interview monitored by MyNewsGH.com indicating how he hated being referred to as such.

Source: My News GH