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Why would I want to kill you? - George Darko responds to Lee Dodou

Veteran Highlifer George Darko in an exclusive interview with Happy FM’s Showbiz Xtra has responded to Lee Dodou’s claim that he wanted to kill him.

The Odo Color hitmaker George Darko made it known that if Lee Doudo felt his life was in danger, he was supposed to head to the Police and lodge a complaint instead of granting interviews on radio.

“I have not been feeling fine but I’m getting better. Someone just called this afternoon to tell me that he [Lee Dodou] was going about in Ghana saying I wanted him dead. I just want to say there’s no truth in whatsoever Lee is saying.

“I heard he said I hired people to kill him, and with matters like that I trust it’s the police that has to deal with it so why is he not going to them with evidence of his claim rather than saying it on radio.

“When we did Akoo Te Brofo, he wasn’t part of the band, the guy who was supposed to sing the vocals was named Nkansah. When we got to the studio, he was drunk and so whenever we began the song, he will be singing something different. I didn’t even know he Lee Dodou was in town but I was prompted he was and so I went to bring him to sing the song.

“When the song became a hit, he started claiming the song. Meanwhile I had paid him to sing the song. He was okay with the first project and even came to sing for my next album.

“The song Masem Nie was inspired by Agya Koo Nimo; I was in Ghana and met him and he told me he was going to give me a song. Agya Koo Nimo told me "I am not in good terms with the earth but I still eat in an earthenware" And that was the whole theme of that song. Lee is endowed with a voice but he has no knowledge of the technicalities of music.

“It’s been like thirty-two years since we recorded those tracks, why is he now so pumped up claiming the songs.

“I guess he is aware I’m not feeling fine and he assumes I might pass on so he is launching a campaign to claim the songs."

The Prempremsiwa crooner also acknowledged the current generation's effort to continue the legacies they have instituted saying;

“I’m an old man now, I think about matured stuff. The children including Shatta Wale and Kwabena Kwabena are now doing great music now. And God has gifted me with the ability not to envy people so there's no way I will envy him or anyone".

He also mentioned there was no way he was going to reconcile with Lee Dodou because he insulted the memory of his Mother.

“I invited him to come to my mother’s funeral but he hurled insults at me and my dead mother so there’s no way I’m going to perform with him again".

Listen to Masem Nie by George Darko below:

Source: yfmghana.com