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Will Rex Omar succeed under NPP`s administration?

In Africa, our political system is always not safe for fair play especially if you are new to the political terrain. The bad experience you are likely to suffer has the ability to kill your political dreams and ambitions.

John Dumelo is suffering from the results of venturing into politics without knowing the consequence, may be. The last time we checked his whereabout, it was reported that he was cooling off in South Africa despite the hullabaloo from chairman Wontumi and Ghanaians in general making him look like a wanted criminal.

A big congratulations to the chairman of Ghana Music Rights Organization aka Ghamro in the person of Rex Omar for winning the Ghamro elections. An astute and accomplished musician who has the industry at heart and has been very passionate about his positions on various discourse of the association.

The highlife artiste has been elected with some people as his executives after the Kojo Antwi led administration suggested that their chairman was not going to contest.

Now that Rex Omar will be handling the affairs of the Association until the next election, we want the industry to note down some vital remarks and observation we have made at Flex newspaper too. This is not to predict evil or doom on the association but realities that need to be checked as much as there is politics lurking in there.

Ghamro is an entity which is being supported by government because part of the power they are wielding at the moment comes from government. In the wake of this, we want to find out if Rex Omar will have a good working relationship with the government officials in power who might have heard about what he said last year during the campaign season against Nana Addo`s led New Patriotic Party (NPP). Rex Omar was in the news for saying all sorts of derogatory words to the then presidential candidate Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo.


A quick search on google has provided some of the headlines that were given to the world as at around November 2016. Read this story and digest it from your own corner to check how that story can affect his position in today`s political world and his current position as Ghamro`s president…

“It will be a disaster if Nana Addo wins the elections. Veteran high life musician Rex Omar has said that it will be a disaster if Mahama loses the elections and Nana Addo wins the Dec polls.

According to the veteran musician in an unlikely event that Mahama loses the elections, Ghanaians will cry and it will be a disaster since the NPP has nothing good to offer and will end up destroying Ghana’s future. Rex Omar who was speaking in an interview with Ghanapoliticsonline.com, added that, God has given Ghanaians a second chance.

“God has given us a second chance and if you look at what John Mahama is doing, it can only be compared to Kwame Nkrumah” he added. Again he lamented that it`s like anytime anything good is about to happen to GHANA , there are a group of people who stand against it therefore the NDC should go out in their numbers to campaign and vote for Mahama” Rex Omar added”.

This was taken from a local website www.ghanapoliticsonline.com.

That is not all but for the sake of space, we would leave the rest for another discussion if it becomes necessary. In our political witch hunting and with our politicians burning desire to always pay back the opposition, do we see Rex Omar having a smooth operation in the position he occupies now?


Unless we want to see Nana Addo and his people as angels and again because they are not going to practice “politics made in Ghana and Africa” as a whole, then they can openly give Rex the needed support and urgency in his demands.

Have you asked yourself why all governmental institutions head always seem to be in bed with the government in power, licking their boots and behaving as stooges? It is because they need the support of the government in power and that is where I feel Rex Omar might feel the pain of his own comments he made last year. Yes, we have also seen and heard names of some personalities who supported the NPP in their campaign like Kwasi Ernest of Media Excel who is also part of the new administration, but for the head of the association, they are still not on safer grounds.

But there is a solution according to Flex newspaper and that is if Rex Omar is ready to put down pride and political loyalty to succeed in his new position, else he should forget achieving anything substantial in his reign. What we suggest Rex Omar should do quickly is to organize his people and through some NPP party executives, go through the back door to apologize and later come out publicly to do same again. Just as Blakk Rasta said to parliament that he was on heat when he made those statements about them, Rex Omar can also go to His Excellency Nana Addo and proclaim he was also on heat when he made those unsavory claims about him.

In doing this, he will obviously come across as not being loyal to the NDC he supports openly but he needs to do that to achieve his goals as Ghamro chairman and to maintain his integrity he has kept over the years. Finally, it can also be that Nana Addo and his men will overlook all our fears and assumptions and make him succeed which also has the tendency of wooing Rex Omar to join the NPP in the coming years. Until then, we are monitoring closely how this new relationship will pan out.

Thanks for reading say it loud with Sammy Flex the Honourable.

Source: Flex Newspaper