Fashion Thu, 8 Sep 2016

Will you rock this jeans worn by Nollywood actor?

All in the name of fashion trends, the entertainment industry has seen various designs that sometimes looks tacky but for the sake of trends, it has been taken up as something in vogue.

Aside celebrities stepping out in some funny outfits, youths of different diversity have decided to emulate some of these tacky outfits worn by these celebs just to feel among while their educated parents watch all in the name of 21st century.

One of the styles in vogue now people wearing torn jeans with a name given to the outfit as ‘Ripped Jeans.”

Anyways, not castigating anyone, popular Nollywood comic actor, Fred Ebere, has joined in the torn jeans fever and his own has emerged talk of the town.

Though he knows how ugly or torn the jeans was but he immediately cleared the air that he only dressed that way because it was a movie shoot.

Source: nigeriafilms.com