Entertainment Sat, 9 Jun 2018

Winnie Selby becomes first African to be conferred at Royal Institute of Singapore

The Founder of Winnie's Women World (W3) Initiative, Winnifred Selby, a 23-year-old leading gender and women empowerment advocate based in Kumasi in the Ashanti region, today became the first African and Youngest, in particular, to be conferred as an Honorary Fellow at the Royal Institute Of Singapore.

This was at the 12th Global Congress and Conferment Ceremony of the Royal Institution of Singapore held on Saturday at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

The event was on the theme “Megatrends in Education, Business & Industry, and Public Administration in the 21st Century and Beyond”.

Winnifred Selby is an alumnia of Cambridge University Leading For Change Executive Education and Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society. She is a multi-talented young social entrepreneur who has been dedicating her life to the economic empowerment of young people in her community.

She has created a team of dedicated young social entrepreneurs who work together to overcome daily challenges and who create new commodities and markets for young people and has consistently demonstrated her personal value of making a difference by using her talents to help others and her passiion for empowering young people to be successful.

Winnifred's W3 Initiative is a girls leading by girls for girls voluntary organization that promote gender equality, empower women, girls and helping children to get access to quality primary education in Ghana (MDG2 and MDG3).

The organization also works to advance the beliefs, thoughts and behavior that allow Girls, women and children to be their authentic selves and further embraces their role in ensuring gender equality worth partnering and strengthening among families and communities.

The W3 Initiative holds annual programs which seek to empower women and promote gender equality and to help women achieve their goals as individuals and to imbue them with confidence.

Also it produces quality and affordable educative materials such as school bags, books which empower children and girl child education in Ghana. Sales of these materials are used to fund the activities of the W3 Initiative since it is purely voluntary.

The Winnie's Women World (W3) initiative gives individuals, organizations, non-denominational churches, schools, families and others who are interested to foster a child's education in Africa based on their financial strength. W3 iniitiative has a keen eye for spotting these individual kids with talents yet face challenges to pursue their dreams and offer them the chance to do so by working in tandem with these foster parents.

Source: 3news.com