Entertainment Sat, 30 Jul 2011

Woman Download – It Speak

Bundle of problems waiting to upload

Poor dude enthralled by a glamorous chick

Almost dressed in the nude

Stripped to the bone in strips and straps to tease

She’s always glued and trapped on her cell,

Myriad emails assail her i-pad

If not on the pad, she’s listening to music on her i-pod

Yet, dude is itching to download,

He’s bitched and bewitched

Loads and loads of trouble unbundled,

Problems, waiting to explode,

Oh no! No sex-hungry guy goes scot free

Without sack loads of problems to unload,

Easy to catch, difficult to offload


Don’t traverse that rough road!

The internet itinerant addict you are,

Your download could infected be

Your fish catch could contaminated be

Your net could have been hacked

You may give hug to a secondhand hag

That is if you don’t explore probingly

You could explore and haul in a whore

Smiling seductively at your door

When you bring in your supposedly bumper

Catch ashore,

Poor you in your drunken stupor

You’ll be agape when you awake


Alas, you’ll be love poor

Then, it’ll be late when you reckon

Your take

You may have hired a hag,

Ready to hurry and harry you,

She will ask, ‘Are you sure you’ll marry me?’

She will go the whole hog

To enchant and blog

But dude, beware of Trojan Horses

Woman download could baited be,

Vicious virulent viruses concealed

To assail your veins when you click and lick,

Viruses which cannot be contained


By a cocktail of anti-virus therapies

At the apothecaries and infirmaries,

Dude, cork your dick to spare the chick

Don’t lick and prick the chick

At the click of a mere button,

Boot off your bottom

If’ you’re bottom-happy,

Stand firm in self restraint for appointed bosom,

At the right time, right place and right price,

You’ll find your appointed spouse,

Not by the lousy click of a mouse

Nor by trigger-happy click on a button,

Pray for the right target catch

And then close the hatch,

Then incubate with your match in the hatchery

To avoid onrush of virulent viruses

From Pandora’s vial and amphora,

Buddy, you’re on trial!

Internet love affair in an Accra Café lair?

I cry for you! 419, Sakawa, HIV fare!

By Kwesi Atta Sakyi

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Source: Sakyi, Kwesi Atta