Tabloid News Fri, 22 Oct 1999

Woman give birth to Lizard

Culled from Weekly Spectator 16th - 22nd October, 1999

"Araba Aduwa, 28, who mysteriously gave birth to three frogs and two crabs at Cape Coast a fortnight ago has given birth to a lizard as predicted by the native doctor who has been attending to her. "The woman had a tough time expelling the lizard from her womb. Instead of passing through her birth canal, the reptile decided otherwise. But, thanks to Nana Amaniampong, the native doctor who doubled as her birth attendant, the reptile would have emerged through her anus, it is said.

"At exactly 11.30 a.m. last Saturday when she delivered the lizard Araba heaved a sigh of relief. The news about the newly-born lizard sent many people rushing to Nana Amaniampong's clinic to see things for themselves. When I visited the home that day in the afternoon, Araba was responding to treatment.

"She told me that though she was greatly relieved, she was still feeling pains in her womb and attributed it to wounds inflicted as a result of the restlessness of the creatures. In an interview with the 'Spectator', Nana Amaniampong said, he administered herbs prepared by dwarfs to Araba at 10.30 a.m. that Saturday. The dwarfs, according to the native doctor, had been leading and prompting him in the search of the herbs to cure Araba. The native doctor said he made Araba sleep after taking the herbal preparation.

"'At 11 a.m., she woke up and complained about the movement of the reptile in her womb', he explained. At one time, the lizard attempted to come out through Araba's anus, but he interrupted since that would have been disastrous for the woman. The native doctor said, Araba who had become nervous was advised to remain calm and he assured her that the lizard would be delivered through her birth canal.

"And true to his word, at exactly 11.30 a.m., Araba gave birth to the last reptile to the amazement of those present. The lizard tried to escape immediately it came out, but it was attacked, with an object and killed.


"The above story was corroborated by Auntie Dede, Nana Amaniampong's wife, Maame Duku, Araba's mother, Mr. Samuel Opoku Agyeman, a close friend of the native doctor and other tenants within Nana Amaniampong's abode.

"The native doctor said, with the birth of the last reptile, Araba is now completely healed, but stressed that Araba would still be in his care to enable her to continue to take her herbal preparation until the wounds in her womb were healed. Nana Amaniampong, however, explained that Araba can now attend hospital, but said, money was her problem.

"Meanwhile, the 'Spectator' has learned that Araba's family would soon begin legal proceedings against Araba's former husband, Kofi Buabeng, now that the lizard has been delivered. This was the condition set by the lawyer arranged for Araba's family by Odeefuo Boa-Amponsem III, Denkyirahehe.

"It is recalled that in the last week's edition of the 'Spectator' Odeefuo Boa-Amponsem advised Araba's family to institute a court action against Buabeng who refused to settle Araba's bills. This was after Buabeng had refused to show up for settlement when the case was brought before the Denkyirahene for adjudication".

And just in case anyone would prefer call this "a Spectator Story" (starting from me) let me add that the story is supported by two colour pictures with the following captions: (1) "FLASHBACK; Some of the frogs and crabs given birth to by Araba two weeks ago. Pictures by Florence Nortey" (2) "Nana Amaniampong, the native-doctor, displaying the lizard said to have been delivered by Araba (right) last Saturday. With them is Araba's mother."

Source: Weekly Spectator