You are full of greed – Bullet spits fire on Ebony’s father

Bullet 11 Chief executive officer of RuffTown Records, Bullet

Tue, 14 Aug 2018 Source: yen.com.gh

Bullet has hit back at Mr. Opoku-Kwarteng, calling him a greedy man.

YEN.com.gh reported the story of Ebony’s father, Mr. Opoku Kwarteng, calling Bullet a thief. According to him, Bullet gave him only two thousand (2,000) cedis out of an alleged forty thousand cedis (40k) of profit made from Ebony’s Memorial Concert held earlier this year.

Mr. Opoku Kwarteng said he got wind of the forty thousand cedis Bullet received but was disappointed that Bullet only handed him two thousand cedis.

According to him, he was only expecting Bullet to be honest in accounting to him, and it is not as if he Kwarteng want to make money off his daughter’s death because he had his own money.

But it seems Bullet is hurt by Mr. Opoku-Kwarteng’s claim and has called him a greedy man. In a Facebook post sighted by YEN.com.gh, Bullet said he now understands why some music groups and musicians did not prosper in the industry.

According to him, it is greed on the part of their family members that caused them to fade away quickly in the industry.

Bullet mentioned the likes of defunct groups including Bandex, Kaakyie Music and others which made name in the industry but did not live long in it. He went on to explain that not all the money an artiste makes from the show belong to the artiste.

Bullet added that management also has a percentage because they care and provide for the artiste in terms of costume, branding, promotion, videos, and many others.

Bullet wrote: “I now understand the reason why record labels like agiecot,goodies,Abib,first class,lexifry,lisarf,big Ben,kaakyire music,low down,,big daddy, odwenanoma,vybetown,slip music,bandex e.t.c stopped bringing out artist!GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED! Record labels spend millions to blow just one artist so appreciate our effort and understand that you have ur talent and all your spiritual backings but video,music recording,music promotion,branding, welfare, costumes,air tickets,stylist,events, security, transport and everything about you the artist is money that the label spend. so don't think any money that comes from shows and other avenues is for you the artist alone,you get what belongs to you and that is ur percentage.....!

By his post, Bullet sought to explain to Ebony’s father that not all the money Ebony made was actually for her. Ebony, before her unfortunate demise in February this year, was under the management of RuffTown Records owned by Bullet.

Within two years, she had taken over the music industry and her success was tied to Bullet. Unfortunately after her death, her father, Mr. Opoku Kwarteng, has leveled all kinds of accusations and allegations against Bullet.

Source: yen.com.gh
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