You can believe all you want – Xandy Kamel reacts to sleeping with John Mahama

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Sun, 16 Aug 2020 Source: ghpage.com

Actress and socialite Xandy Karmel in reaction to the allegations levelled against her by Gloria Kani regarding her and ex-president John Dramani Mahama has fired her in all fury.

It would be recalled that Gloria Kani in a video called out Xandy Kamel spewing her dark secrets that she thought could not find it’s way to the public scene.

In the said video, the actress turned evangelist, Gloria Kani said her estranged best friend Tracey Boakye once told her that Xandy Kamel tried to snitch on her.

She went to Mahama’s house but was met with total disgrace as Lordina Mahama, wife of ex-president Mahama sacked her from the house.

Amid the allegations on Xandy Kamel by Gloria Kani, a fan who seemed perturbed wanted to know Xandy’s side of the story if truly she went to Mahama’s house uninvited.

So, the fan, apparently a female took to social media to tag the actress and socialite in a post she made asking her to spill out her side of the story to clear the air.

But unfortunately for her, the post went down on the bad side of Xandy Kamel as she blasted and insulted both Gloria Kani and the fan.

According to her in reaction to the post, she doesn’t have the time to answer every dog that barks. Adding that she’s busy ‘chopping’ love with her husband.

This literally means she can’t go through the stress of replying to the claims by Gloria.

In Xandy’s reply, she said, “And you think I have time to answer every dog that barks at me in the name reputation this is all you know madam I respected you and your platform soo much but to tag me with this it’s a no no you can believe what u want am busy fucking the hell out of my husband medaase paaa ??? peace and love ?? STOP TAGGING ME BCOS I WONT GIVE YOU WHAT YOU WANT ??”

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Source: ghpage.com
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