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You don't believe in God if you criticize what I do - Ebony

Ebony On Delay Ebony is popularly known for her erotic performances and nudity in the music industry

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 Source: razzonline.com

Most talked-about female Ghanaian musician, Ebony Reigns, has said that she pays no attention to her critics.

The "Poison' hit maker believes God is the one behind her success in the Music Industry. Ebony, for some time now has been under pressure from Ghanaians. She has come under a barrage of criticisms mainly because of her stage performances and obscene modes of dressing.

Some of her colleague musicians have not been left out in rebuking Ebony for showing too much flesh. But speaking in an interview on Happy FM, Ebony disclosed that she takes no notice of those criticisms.

The ‘Sponsor’ hit maker said she obtains her strength and talent from God, and that is all that matters to her and her career. Ebony revealed that she is a very spiritual person who does not joke with her spiritual activities aside doing music.

According to her, she takes her daily prayers and payment of tithe seriously; even though she is not regular at church. She refuted claims by some people that she engages the services of fetish priest, what is commonly known as ‘juju’, to boost her career.

Rather, Ebony, who proudly refers to herself as ‘Original 90s Bad Girl’ averred that God is the success behind her career. Therefore if anyone criticizes her talent, then that person is in effect criticizing God, she added. She also cleared the air on rumours that she is in the habit of smoking prior to a performance which makes her ‘misbehave’ on stage.

She said “I don’t smoke to perform. God gives me the strength and the crowds cheers help me to perform satisfactorily.” “If you criticize what I do then you don’t believe in God,” Ebony concluded.

Source: razzonline.com
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