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You have nothing apart from your artificial butt – Maame Dokono blasts Moesha

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Wed, 25 Apr 2018 Source: ghbase.com

Veteran actress Grace Omaboe aka Maame Dokono has expressed her disappointment in Moesha Boduong saying that Moesha should have projected Ghanaian women instead stating in that interview that it was normal for Ghanaian women to sleep with married men to make money because of the nature of the economy.

Maame Dokono who was speaking with Joy News opined that most of the men who sleep with girls like Moesha didn’t make their money legitimately, which explains why they waste it on the girls. She added that most of them are politicians as well.

“It is sad. You don’t have to show your body or exhibit your body to be a good actress. I don’t know but I will mention Moesha. To get the chance to be on CNN, instead of projecting Ghanaian women, you say that the women go to men to make money and this is all that Ghanaian women do. It is not true. For you alone to come out and say this doesn’t mean all Ghanaian women are doing it,” she said.

And you know most of these men that give them money, they are politicians, they are businessmen who didn’t actually struggle to make the money, They got the cheap money to buy a car for a girl, buy a flat for a girl. The monies that they give to them, most are stolen money. monies that are stolen from the country,” she added.

Maame Dokono also said in that interview that, Moesha has nothing and the only thing she has is her artificial butt which she’s using to lure the men.

“The only thing that she has that she is using to maybe lure these men is the butt but I think even that is artificial. What she said am so sad about it. It is artificial because I have seen and heard that she had to go through surgery for some parts of her body to be pushed to the back and she’s using that to bluff. Will that be there forever?” She quizzed.

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Source: ghbase.com
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