You’ll all die miserably – Fella Makafui curses haters

Fella Makafui Yolo Fella Makafui

Sun, 30 Jun 2019 Source: mynewsgh.com

If you thought your insults and trolls on social media does not get to your favourite celebrities then you should have a rethink.

Celebrities in their closet weep as a result of the trolls and insults they receive on a daily basis.

One female celebrity who has on countless occasions been insulted is Fella Makafui.

The actress and Business owner has over the years suffered from bad Publicity but has always proven to be tough.

However, things have started getting to her and she feels hurt that she’s been disrespected by people.

In a post she mentioned that she is fed up with the fabrication of stories just to put her in a bad light.

The Ayigbe Queen says people who write and say false things about her will die a miserable death and she will ensure that happens.

Source: mynewsgh.com
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