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You'll never have your Instagram account until you fulfil your part of the deal - Joyce Blessing's ex-husband

548111419 470628 Joyce Blessing with her estranged husband

Mon, 26 Oct 2020 Source: peacefmonline.com

Joyce Blessing's estranged husband, Dave Joy has refused to hand over her Instagram account to her.

Dave Joy, who used to manage Joyce Blessing's music career, says he will not give back Instagram unless the singer fulfils her part of a deal they had at a meeting with some high-profile personalities in the country.

It is no news to hear that Joyce Blessing and her husband are no longer together, and also that the two have been ''fighting'' over custody of their children.

Aside the marital issues, other matters relating to Joyce Blessing's music career are also unresolved.

Following their breakup, Dave Joy confiscated all her social media handles and log-in data, hence calling for a meeting to resolve the conflict.

During the meeting, it was agreed that Dave Joy will hand over the handles back to Joyce Blessing and Joyce will also allow her alienated husband access to her children every two weeks.

But things have not gone as planned as the two are still battling each other.

Joyce Blessing has complained bitterly that her former management is sabotaging her.

She says the former management keeps reporting her contents to her social media account owners who then flag the contents and also send her notifications to delete her accounts should she post anything related to Joyce Blessing.

An audio recording of Joyce Blessing cursing her former publicist, Julie Jay, surfaced on social media a couple of days ago.

The singer blames her publicist for what is happening to her and invoked curses on her.

Speaking in an interview with Ola Michael on Peace FM's "Entertainment Review", Dave Joy revealed that he has personally not handed over Joyce Blessing's Instagram to her for reason being that she has denied him the opportunity to meet his children.

He has however delivered to her the log-in passwords to her Facebook and YouTube.

However, Joyce Blessing, in an interview on the same programme, says she only has access to her official YouTube account and personal Facebook but not her official Facebook account which happens to be her business account and her Instagram.

According to Dave Joy, until Joyce allows him to meet his children, he will never give back the Instagram account.

“I have her Instagram account. She should allow me to see my children. She’s even sent me to court . . . I’ve told her to grant me access to my children but she says she’s not ready . . . I haven’t granted her access to her Instagram because she hasn’t given me access to my children and my things in the house. If she’s ready today to grant me access to meet my children, I will also hand over her Instagram to her," he insisted.

Source: peacefmonline.com
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