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You need spiritual backing to record a hit song - Prophet Azuka to musicians

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Thu, 3 Nov 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Prophet Azuka of the Shinning Grace Chapel International has admonished Ghanaian musicians to seek spiritual backing and commit their songs and albums to the hands of a higher authority if they wish to record a monster hit.

He explained that failure to do so would result in retrogression in the music industry, adding that music lovers will soon forget about an artiste's song when that individual is not fortified.

Prophet Azuka also known as Ogya Nyame made this revelation on Talkertainment with Paula Amma Broni on GhanaWeb TV.

"Every worker needs a solid spiritual backing. As a journalist, you need backing. You can command the spirit to settle on your mobile phone; whenever you touch it you activate the covenant, which will bring you good news. As a singer, you need spiritual backing.

"Before you can succeed, you need to work on your spirituality. When you critically analyse the trend, you will realise that most songs quickly fade away, a maximum of a week, it is gone. You will no longer hear it on the radio. It is just because they don't work on the song spiritually. Those who know the secret of spirituality will continue to reign," he disclosed.

Azuka also blamed Africans for not tapping into the power that has the ability to make one prosperous in their field of work.

According to him, the skills one has acquired can't guarantee a breakthrough unless one seeks spiritual backing from God.

"There is good and evil...have you ever wondered why Africans are not innovative? We don't have proper witchcraft. The masons and carpenters don't have a strong spirit. They only operate with the training they have and the skills acquired," he told GhanaWeb.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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