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‘You will one day bow before the NPP’ – Diana Asamoah as she slams Captain Smart

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Fri, 18 Nov 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Ghanaian gospel singer, Evangelist Diana Asamoah, has levelled some damning accusations against popular broadcaster, Captain Smart.

The allegations were made during an interview with Zionfelix when the discussion switched from showbiz to politics.

This was in a bid to address some earlier claims by Captain Smart that she (Diana Asamoah) became corrupt ever since she joined the NPP.

Captain Smart is noted for his constant fights against the ruling NPP government and in one of his rants on TV, Diana Asamoah, who happens to be a staunch member of the party was dragged into it.

The Onua TV broadcaster chided the singer for re-affirming her support for the party even in the midst of the country’s current economic downturns.

“As for you Diana Asamoah, the least said about you the better. Ever since you pledged your loyalty to this corrupt administration, you’ve been wearing wigs, make-up, and high heels. These were the same things you condemned and even classified as products of the marine world. You have also become corrupt like them,” Captain Smart averred on his Onua Makye show.

A peeved Diana Asamoah decided to also hit back.

“He Captain Smart said I am corrupt?" she questioned while making sexual allegations without proof against the broadcaster.

"He is worse than I am. For someone who sleeps with another person’s wife, spends her money and abandons her, what moral right does he have to tell me that? Captain has never spoken the truth. He is the father of all liars. He is the devil himself. Captain is a womanizer who goes round spending people’s money and the victims even end up dying. You know someone is married yet you go around chasing her. It even happened in Belgium.”

Diana Asamoah, however, vowed that Captain Smart will one day hang his boots and succumb to the NPP.

“There are people who we shouldn’t respond to when they talk. Whatever he does, he will bow before the NPP one day, I am telling you this. Mark it, because my party will never lose. We serve a living God.”

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