Your phone mistakenly called me when you were having sex – A Plus exposes Kofi Adoma

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Fri, 28 Aug 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Musician and satirist Kwame Asare Obeng in his attempt to establish that the decision by two adults to have sex should not be a topic for discussion, exposed his colleague and interviewer Kofi Adoma, saying he once monitored the celebrated journalist’s sexual encounter with a lady via a phone call.

Known in the showbiz space as A Plus, the musician disclosed on Kofi TV that in 2009, he received a phone call from Kofi Adoma. Upon answering the call, he noticed the journalist had mistakenly called him because he [Kofi Adoma] was not communicating to him.

According to A Plus, he could rather hear Kofi Adoma making love to an unidentified lady at the time but refused to end the call because he enjoyed listening to the two horny individuals who were focused on burning calories.

“I had a number of engagements tonight but I canceled it to appear on Kofi TV so let’s talk about something important,” he said when Kofi Adoma asked for clarification on his alleged affair with actress Tracey Boakye.

“Have you ever told me you’ve had sex with the lady you’re dating? You haven’t; but don’t I know you have sex with her?” his response to why he would have sex with the actress and trumpet it when there is a saying that ‘you don’t kiss and tell’.

“There was an instance where you mistakenly called me while having sex,” an elated A Plus said.

The revelation tickled Kofi Adoma as he recalled the historic moment. According to Kofi, the incident occurred over a decade ago.

“This was in 2009. We were in Tema. I was having a quickie in a car,” Kofi Adoma recounted; causing A Plus to laugh uncontrollably.

He continued: “Unfortunately, because your name is A Plus, it was the first on my contact list. Some minutes later, Kwame called me; not knowing I called him when we were having sex. He wasted my airtime.”

“No, I was rather enjoying myself listening to you,” A Plus responded.

Legislator Kennedy Agyapong had alleged that Tracey Boakye used to be sexually involved with A Plus. He further alleged on Net2 TV that the actress attempted to blackmail A Plus but the satirist was smart.

“Didn’t you go out with A Plus? She slept with him and when she asked for money, he refused to give her… Tracey Boakye, you came to Accra from Kumasi, slept with A Plus and he didn’t give you a dime. You tried blackmailing him and he told you his wife was aware,” Kennedy Agyapong said.

But A Plus in response said he cannot be crucified for opening up to Kennedy Agyapong because “it is normal for friends to talk about their sexual relationships.”

He mentioned that he has no regrets telling Mr. Agyapong that he once slept with the actress.

Watch the interview below:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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