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Ypee rejects ‘eternally underground’ artiste tag in interview with Delay

Kumasi-based musician Ypee

Thu, 25 May 2023 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Kumasi-based musician Ypee has vehemently rejected the ‘eternally underground’ tag bestowed on him by some people in his city, insisting that he is a successful musician and the highest-paid artiste from that side of the country currently.

The musician who has not shied away from talking about his wealth in an interview on The Delay Show indicated that it would be erroneous for anybody to downplay his prowess and popularity as he boastfully mentioned that he is the most featured Kumasi-based musician.

Based on his narrative, Delay, host of the show asked midway: “You have street credibility in Kumasi but some say you are eternally underground. Do you accept that?”

Maintaining his calm composure, Ypee said: “That’s their opinion.”

He continued: “No musician has performed at events in Kumasi more than I have, nobody has had a sold-out show than me. I have done it all. I am the most featured Kumasi artiste, I am the one who has sold out shows in Kumasi and other towns. I am the highest-paid artiste in Kumasi.”

“I’m not an underground musician. If I were, why would Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy and the likes feature me on their songs? I’ve worked with Sarkodie; I have more features than every artiste since 2020.”

The musician paid reverence to Flowking Stone, Strongman, Kojo-Cue, Cabum and other senior colleagues who hail from Kumasi but strongly claimed supremacy over his generation.

“I was the topmost. All those who belong to my generation and those who came afterward, looked up to me, they had inspiration from me, so, they are all my children.

"I have two albums - Survival and Pvolution. They all did well," he stated.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com