If there was no plastic waste, Bolgatanga will be my heaven - Wanluv

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Comment: Useless Bolga mayor

ST. GHFUO: street names, #bldgs
2021-01-18 23:42:19
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If there was no plastic waste, Bolgatanga will be

And who is this bolga mayor? Appointed and not voted for so what do you expect? As useless as they come. No vision to improve his city. Shouldn't the city have trash bins everywhere so people can drop their trash in the trash bins? How much doesnit cost to create trash bins? Kantanka motors can use metal to create trash bins. Staple the bins into the ground and put strong plastic bags within the trash bins. The mayor should either contract a easter management company or create one. Invest in a waste recycling plant. You will be surprised how ordinary waste can be recycled into finished goods. How waste can be used for construction materials and roads. We have universities in this country, engineering and science professors and faculty who are not thinking and meanwhile other nations are using waste to build buildings and roads, using shipping container to build homes neggas are sitting there waiting for help. You will die!

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ST. GHFUO: street names, #bldgs on Jan 18, 2021 23:42
Useless Bolga mayor