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Comment: Let us stop the stereotype of Ashanti's

Yaw Yeboah
2015-12-12 01:32:47
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Re: Asante's are superior group in Ghana

The stereotype of Ashanti's are that they are arrogant and are boastful. Therefore, I was disappointed to read comments that support this stereotype. I am proud that my Mother hails from the Ashanti Region and my Father hails from the Brong-Ahafo Region.
The Ashanti Empire was the last great Akan Empire. The first Akan Empire was the Bono Kingdom/Bono State (which is located in the Brong-Ahafo Region), which existed in the 11th or the 12th Century. Much of Akan Culture originated from the Bono Kingdom/Bonoman State. Akans such as Akyems, Asante's & others migrated from the Bono Kingdom from the 14th or 15th Centur . Akyems, Denkyera, Fante's and other Akans had powerful Kingdoms and Empires before the Ashanti Kingdom was founded in 1701. All Regions of Ghana have a history of having powerful Kingdoms. Why can we not as a people respect this fact?
What makes me proud to be an Ashanti is the fact that why other ethnic groups rolled over to colonialism the Asante National Army (made up of volunteers), with inferior weapons fought against being occupied by Europeans.
Also, the book written by Thomas Bowditch and published in Victorian Britain during in the early 1800's, which documents his visit to the Ashanti Kingdom and the Royal Palace of the Asantehene. This book described the Ashanti Kingdom as being efficiently governed with very developed structures including a tax collecting system. The book when published was ridiculed in Britain by a sceptical public who refused to believe that Africans who they regarded as animals and savages could have developed such an advanced society. This book provides the most detailed insight of the Ashanti Kingdom and Empire at the peak of it's powers.
If musicians wish to make songs about their pride of being Asante and do not insult other ethnic groups they should do so.

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Yaw Yeboah on Dec 12, 2015 01:32
Let us stop the stereotype of Ashanti's