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Shatta Wale pulling out will not mar Bass Awards – Organisers

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Comment: royalty over loyalty...informer

yo babe!
2015-12-12 08:44:33
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Shatta Wale pulling out will not mar Bass Awards

Well said Bosco...this same guy claims he is been talking to stonebuoy to set up some dawa to champion the course of dancehall and stone no dey heed........with this his stance how can you really champion a course you claim you made it rise?...I believe it was iwan who woke dance hall genre not this bomboclat wale .infact I'm a fan but I'm just so disappointed in this his hypocrisy... You want a genre to grow yet you the guy who want to take soo much even though it's an award show.now gma is good for...lol.you naa go get that bet award....stonebuoy I profess will pick the mobo you couldn't pick..if you like mark somewhere.the world music awrd too you pride urself with too you go see e go pick..and there your buttock s go pepper you proper....twerpish selfish artist.

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yo babe! on Dec 12, 2015 08:44
royalty over loyalty...informer