Ghana’s movie industry has been on the decline for years – Zynnell Zuh

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Comment: Ghana is a confused nation.

2017-07-01 18:50:43
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i hate african names

Zynnell,I don't blame you much but the parents who brought you to this world for their lack of knowledge and our entire education systems,how can a country like Ghana refuse to teach it's history from basic to secondary education due to political nonsense.listen the whole bible is about black people that's why the whites have taken some books from the bible to deceive blacks to summit to them as gods or masters,I would help you with some verses from the bible which would boost yourself esteem Song of Solomon 1:5-6..,Daniel 10:5-6.,Jeremiah 8:21..,14:1-2..,Job 30:30..,Lamentations 5:10..,4:8...,Isaiah 29:22..,Revelation 1:1...1:13-15...? Jesus Christ himself was a black.any way let comments a little on the article why our so called English movies are not getting public support or can't break through the Africa markets is quite simple,why do we as nation with vast history from north, south, east and west yet our film industries refused to promote our cultural heritage but prefer to advocate foreign cultures, and they always fail to sell it why because as Ghanaian I would love to see my film stars dresses like our kings,queens,chiefs and promote our past and present history. But our film stars refuse to act a certain personalities due to tribal prejudice or political affiliation,even some refuse to wear an attire which is custom to a particular tribe or may not take a leading role just the person doesn't come from his/her tribe so if all these prettiness are taking place in our nation building how can you make progress?

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AJ on Jul 1, 18:50
Ghana is a confused nation.