7 essential Makola women's questions for Mahama & Damongo Mutawakilu

Sun, 17 Jul 2016 Source: Lungu, Prof.

By: Prof Lungu

"infact the committee for mines and energy has met GIGS 4 times in the course of stateholders consultation. That is the only CSO given that opportunity. At the end we realise that their argument was not convincing enough. We the committee become convince that irreapective of either pure production sharing, concession or hybrid we will arrive at the same results. The $6b claims by GIGS was base of hypothical figures and not true figures. They didnt know the true cost of exploration, development and production of Jubilee field and when petroleum commission provided us with the costs we realise the outcome will be the same as using the hybrid. Why is it that NRGI, ACEP and GIGOG which are also energy tink tanks are silent about GIGS claims (HON ADAM MUTAWAKILU |MODERNGHANA, 7/16/2016 12:02:00 AM).


In the matter of the fully documented loss of over $6 billion in oil revenues by Ghana over the last 5 years, "HON ADAM MUTAWAKILU" provided a quick, interesting, but totally misinformed response on ModernGhana to our article, titled, " Damongo Mutawakilu: No NDC Minister Ever Paid for $6 Billion Loss in Oil Revenues!" (http://www.modernghana.com/newsthread/704421/388438#showcomments).

Our thanks to HON ADAM MUTAWAKILU for responding to our essay. The MP is to be commended, even if he is mis-informed about the relevance of "the true cost of exploration" to the important PSA question; and about the "true facts" behind the $6 billion Ghana oil revenue losses through UKs' Trojan Horse, the GOGIG "Revenue Management" program.

So, we now present our formal response to HON ADAM MUTAWAKILU.

In part, as the reader can see, according to the MP:

:...the committe become convince that irreapective of either pure production sharing, concession or hybrid we will arrive at the same results..."

Here are 4 facts for HON ADAM MUTAWAKILU and "the Committee":

1. GIGS has provided "hypothical figures" precisely because one cannot pluck Blood from Rock, or turn Tuo-Zaafi into Groundnut Soup. To the point, as HON ADAM MUTAWAKILU and his "committee" have over the years resisted adopting the PSA for Ghana's oil, no reasonable or rational mind can demand or expect "true figures" from GIGS and the Fair-Trade Oil Share Ghana (FTOS-Gh) Campaign. (In scientific terms, GIGS and the FTOS-Gh Campaign could provide nothing but " hypothetical figures" and data).

2. The Ghana Petroleum Commission never answered any germane questions related to the $6 billion-plus loss (See our essay in response to theirs, at: http://www.ghanahero.com/FTOS-GH/Campaign_Status_Updates/FTOS-Gh-Response-Part_2-FINAL.pdf).

3. Ghanaians cannot depend on "silent" Petroleum Commission, NRGI, or ACEP, etc., to fight for a Fair-Share of oil revenues because they developed humongous conflicts of interest when they began taking millions of dollars from the Oil interests and UK's DFID, nearly £640,000 (640 pounds sterling) by the close of 2015, with more in the pipeline. (See Page 7 of above- referenced paper). (So, is it the case that either HON ADAM MUTAWAKILU is ignorant of those payments, or he is incapable of understanding the inherent conflict of interests?).

4. Clearly, HON ADAM MUTAWAKILU and the odd Ghanaians behind the so-called Ghana Hybrid System, many of whom have little or no experience in Oil and Gas exploration, development, and production, many of whom have little to no knowledge about evaluation of economic enterprises, many of whom cannot articulate their thought in coherent, rational fashion, etc., they all cannot be smarter than the entire universe of States that have instituted the PSA for their sovereign oil, from Angola, to Indonesia, to Nigeria, to South Sudan.

THEREFORE, given those facts and many more we've covered over the last few years in numerous papers on these same pages and on GhanaHero.Com, here are "Seven (7) Essential Makola Market Womens' Questions" for HON ADAM MUTAWAKILU and his "committee", Deputy Dagadu, Speaker Doe Adjaho, and Mr. Mahama himself. Individually and as a group, these officials ought to report to our Makola market women (frankly, the more honourable persons, in our humble opinion), on the following 7 questions.


1. How many barrels of oil were lifted during the last 5 years by KOSMOS and Tullow?

2. How many barrels of the oil lifted were kept by the oil companies (i.e., by KOSMOS and Tullow)?

3. How many barrels of the oil lifted were Ghana's share (i.e., Ghana, as the sovereign owner of the oil resource)?

4. How much in oil revenues (cash) was paid to Ghana, and how much cash did KOSMOS and Tullow "take home", for the oil lifted over the last 5 years?

5. What was the total development and production expenditure for all Jubilee oil the last five years and what is the actual split by percentage between Ghana/GNPC and KOSMOS/Tullow?

6. Why is Ghana/GNPC incurring oil development and production cost(s) when those costs are not necessary expenses for the Sovereign State under the world Standard PSA?

7. Is it Fair-Trade Oil Share for Ghana when UK interests representing KOSMOS and Tullow use $29 million to receive and keep $6 billion extra in Ghana's oil revenues?

Show them the numbers, Hon Adam Mutawakilu!

Tell them, Mr. Mahama!

Tell them!

Subj: 7 Essential Makola Market Womens' Questions for Mahama & Damongo Mutawakilu


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