7 questions from Kajetia market women to Mahama and Damongo Mutawakilu

Maha Mazi President John Mahama

Tue, 19 Jul 2016 Source: Lungu, Prof.

In the matter of the fully documented loss by Ghana of more than $6 billion in oil revenues over the last 5 years, and in the face of the fraudulent Ghana Hybrid System being perpetrated on the Ghana Commonwealth, here are seven essential Kajetia market womens' questions" for Mr. Mahama, Deputy Dagadu, Speaker of Parliament, Doe Adjaho, and Damongo MP Adam:

1. How many barrels of oil were lifted during the last 5 years by KOSMOS and Tullow?

2. How many barrels of the oil lifted were Ghana's share (i.e., Ghana, as the sovereign owner of the oil resource)?

3. How many barrels of the oil lifted were kept by the oil companies (i.e., by KOSMOS and Tullow)?

4. How much in oil revenues (cash) was paid to Ghana, and how much cash did KOSMOS and Tullow "take home", for the oil lifted over the last 5 years?

5. What was the total development and production expenditure for all Jubilee oil the last five years, and what is the actual split by percentage between Ghana/GNPC and KOSMOS/Tullow?

6. Why is Ghana/GNPC incurring oil development and production cost(s) when those costs are not necessary expenses for the Sovereign State under the world Standard PSA?

7. Is it Fair-Trade Oil Share for Ghana when UK interests representing KOSMOS and Tullow use $29 million to keep $6 billion in extra Ghana's oil revenues?

Please answer the Kajetia Market Women, Mr. Mahama!

Show the the Kajetia market women the true numbers by the barrel, Hon Adam Mutawakilu, right now!

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Columnist: Lungu, Prof.