A Draconian Law Verses Blood Thirsty Bomb Throwers

Sat, 26 Apr 2014 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

-Final Part

The consistent braying, barking and bleating of members of the Blue Elephant and its praise singers comprise an indication of the brain atrophy of these headcutters, tribal bigots, cultic mongers and ideological fire eating monsters who always kill innocent men, women and children in order to win political power in Ghana. Apart from their usual tantrums, none of them can point out any lie in my articles nor debate the salient issues I have been raising since the PNDC era in 1984 up to date 2014.

With their backs against the wall in abject frustration and searing rage, these NPP Ideologues, Action Troopers, Young Elephants, Praise Singers, AFAG members and Death Squads with gnashing teeth and controlled visage, howling and snarling with most foul air, tearing their clothes and panties in a fit of rage and invoking weird curses from the numerous river deities around the country and burying live SHEEP, CATTLE, GOATS and CATS all to no avail. scores of fake men and women of God came in handy to predict a one touch victory for their Presidential candidate and a tribal war lord on war path only for their prophesy to become a big hoax as Nana Akuffo Addo actually saw Canaan twice but could never set foot on its land, so who is deceiving who in this country? NPP members are unthinking, unfeeling unquestioning, unpatriotic, unexamining and they think that all Ghanaians are nincompoops that must always follow their deception on radio and TV as well as on political platforms. I am waiting patiently for the day you will tell me of “my lies” in the numerous articles I have been writing since 1984 to date 2014 and that what ever I wrote and still write were not true, I will then tell you that strange nails were manufactured by Asante Blacksmiths in Kumasi. These nails were 6 inches, 8inches, 10inches and one foot each between 1951-1956.


These nails were among some of the deadly weapons used by members of the National Libertion Movement with “Mate-meho” as its local name. When they catch a CPP Supporter and he is a man, the one foot nail manufactured by their special blacksmith is driven with a hammer into his skull and allowed to go and die in the streets of Kumasi the Asante Region Capital. When they catch a women CPP Supporter, the one foot nail is driven into her vagina and the 10inches nails also driven through one of her ears across to the other ear as her punishment for supporting Dr. Nkrumah’s CPP in 1951, 1954 and 1956 when the blood-soaked NLM/NPP lost all those elections to the peoples Man Dr. Nkrumah and his great CPP of Ghana. Despite the torture and brutal killing of innocent men, women and children by members of the tribal grouping the NLM, UP and now NPP, therefore, what shows that NPP Members are democrats or human rights activists in Ghana? They are false democrats who looted Ghana’s coffers for 8 years and was left off the hook by the late President Mills of blessed memory. The Preventive Detection Act (PDA) gave Prez. Nkrumah the power to imprison a nation wrecker up to 5years imprisonment without the option of a fine and Ghana’s independence would have fallen to pieces within 3 months if that law was not passed. It was passed and rightly used by the CPP government to prevent the young nation from being mangled at birth because the reactionary bomb throwers had the full backing of Britain and the United States of America since their leaders were uncomfortable with Dr. Nkrumah’s socialist ideology.

The Blood Bath In Kumasi

The Propaganda Secretary of the sectarian and revanchist NLM or “Mate-meho” “Mr. E. Y.Baffoe was stabbed to death by Mr. Twumasi Ankrah-a CPP Youth Organizer in 1955. the NLM formed an armed group called the Action Groupers whilst the CPP created its counter force called Action Troopers. Twumasi Ankrah was put before Court and sentenced to death by hanging but when he was hanged, members of the NLM Action Groupers were still not happy and they organized violent provocations and confrontations through Ethnic cleansing which rendered Kumasi unsafe as Krobo Edusei’s sister was hacked to death with a matchet while she was in the kitchen cooking food for school children-when leaving Krobo Edusie’s house, they met the children returning from school in front of the house and they beheaded all the 8 school children at once. These political cannibals described Asante as a “Nation” and not a Region yet when they finally had the chance to turn the Region into a nation when they staged that re-actionary coup in 1966-they failed to do so. Again when Dr. Busia because Prime Minister and was asked by Otumfuo Agyeman Prempeh II about Federation – Busia told him that Federation had been DISCARDED, if that was the case, why did these NLM thugs slaughter thousands of innocent men, women and children in their infamous fight for Federation on a narrow tribal front and described their Region as a “Nation? I have already written that the NPP’s is a Criminal Enterprise in this column before. Houses of CPP leading members were bombed in Kumasi and their children kidnapped and beheaded and all the CPP leaders fled to Accra. One of the most interesting concepts in this otherwise preposterous claim for Federation was a case for the Gold Coast as an African country to “add something to the world’s culture by formulating a constitution that is based on our own way of life and manners, tradition and culture and not blindly copy European models-that was the NLM leaders who discarded the idea when they came to power riding on the wings of a re-actionary coup de’tat on 24th February 1966. I have again written already that the NPP is a blood soaked tribal group and not a political party. Out of the remnants of the UGCC, Dr. K.A. Busia launched the Ghana Congress Party (GCP), declaring as its aim “to supply an effective opposition to the CPP government “We called that aim a modest one. However, history records that the aim was not as modest as he claimed. It was an aim in pursuit of which Bombs will be thrown, innocent children will be killed and ultimately, the “opposed” government of the CPP will be violently overthrown in Ghana’s most bloody coup de’tat on 24th February 1966. In the aftermath of this, Professor Busia will return from a C.I.A financed exile in Leiden, Holland to assume his role as a “democratic” leader of a heavily traumatized country. All members of the NPP describe the 24th February bloody coup de’tat as the “Best Coup D’etat in Ghana. I also counter them by telling them point blank that. The Preventive Detention Act (P.D.A) was the best Progressive Law that was passes by Parliament in Ghana in order to prevent the young independent nation from being mangled at Birth. Look at them! This is a free education to Dr. Samuel Adjei Sarfo the Great confusionist. Let him come again. My job is to educate the Youth in Ghana who form 80% of the voting population to decide on who to vote for when elections are conducted in the country. Is anybody listening? You just keep your fingers crossed for I shall return when the need arise in case the tribal bigots and political murderers leading the blood-soaked NPP decide to re-act to this article. I am done. “ Jaanbie !waii. Aluta Continua!


Clemet Sangaparee

United Cadre Front


Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement