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A dose of truth: Predatory and Gross, How? Like how?

Nana Ama Dumelo Nana Ama says Dumelo's gesture is gross and predatory

Mon, 18 Feb 2019 Source: Oswald Azumah

This weekend was one of those ones that I did not have to work but enjoy some leisure and like you, those two words got my attention.

A simple gesture of good faith, if you were to ask me. But like a wake of vultures, some wanabe feminists decided to devour on John Dumelo like a piece of carcass; only this time it was one lonely bird.

Social media, specifically Twitter users, did not take it lightly with her at all. They bash her papaa, I sincerely felt sorry for her.

Believe me when I say she did “not go gentle into the night.” She fought the tides and strangling hands as much as possible but her “lame” argument drowned.

What was Nana Ama worried about?

One married man, -- an entrepreneur and actor, very handsome I have to say -- decided to make Valentine’a day special for some ladies; “single” ladies, he said.

He went to their hostel rooms at University of Ghana in a “surprise” visit to spend time with them, hugging them and “spreading the love.”

But Nana Ama saw something different, she saw a socially influential man “preying” on vulnerable ladies in a “gross” manner.

I do not know what kind of resilience she has in her but for if I were her, I would have just shut up already, look at all that bashing, and she still cannot see she is wrong?

More than 3K tweets and more than 98 percent of them disagreeing with you, and of that, about 95 percent of them insulting her, some of them saying it’s because she is not beautiful and rarely attracts attention.

All that and she still stood her grounds, one stubborn cat huh?

The core of her argument, “we have been raised to believe that women must be accessible to men, especially powerful men.” Although I may not use the words “predatory and gross” if I was asked to describe what JD did, anyone who would disagree with Ama’s thesis statement is not a hypocrite but a liar.

The media crushes Trump not because of what he does but what he says, the man can do a lot for the all people of US but one comment seemingly opposing political correctness lands him a whole lot of trouble.

Here we are talking of a society where abuse against women is not a myth but still rife. But look, JD did not abuse anyone, from the videos I have seen all the ladies were hyper and hugged him willingly.

But another tweet struck me, “everyone’s argument…falls under there’s no victim so there’s no crime.”

That is very true, seeing that when prosecuting criminals, the attorneys investigate intent/motive as well not just the concrete evidence.

JD made his intents known so I do not hang him at all. His intention I believe is to bring joy to the ladies, but what is the underlining drive behind his motive.

“Women are inferior and need men to make them happy” disagree with me all you want but that’s the underlining thinking behind such thinking.

And that is what the lady was calling out. That thought is what has led so many men to abuse women emotionally, physically and co and instead of attacking the crust of that argument, we all decided to say it’s because Ama is not beautiful and suffers from attention deficit from men, causing her to think that way.

For JD, well I do not have much to say but your intent to make people happy is not bad but something informed that intent, that is what is being questioned, you budging into those girls’ rooms is just a bonus.

You may have enjoyed all the praise and support against this foe, but remember we are in the times when men are under siege from sexual assault accusations from women.

Trust me it would be difficult to exonerate yourself if any of these ladies accuse you of groping and other 100+ sexual assault offences there is.

You can enjoy the attention for now but remember Jesus, the Jew? The very people who shouted “Hosanna” are the very people who shouted, “Crucify him.”

The views expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the writer Oswald Azumah and do not in any way or form represent those of Myjoyonline.com or the entire Multimedia Group where he is attached.

Columnist: Oswald Azumah
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