A leader recognizes the importance of speed

Dag Heward Mills3 The article is an excerpt from a book by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills

Tue, 17 Oct 2017 Source: Dag Heward-Mills

When a leader (like a general) enters into a war mode he must move with the speed of lightning. His decisions, his strikes and his actions must take place at high speed. In fact, on many occasions, speed alone will ensure victory.

In the Bible, Alexander the Great is depicted as a goat that appeared from the western world (Greece) attacking the Persians (the ram) who were led by Darius the Great. Alexander displayed swiftness of mind by turning his army around and arriving at the battleground before the enemy had fully prepared his defence.

The verse below says he crossed the land so swiftly that it did not even touch the ground. Such was the speed of Alexander the Great. He became the ruler of the known world. The Scripture shows how the large horn was broken and it was replaced with four prominent horns.

While I was watching, suddenly A MALE GOAT APPEARED from the west, CROSSING THE LAND SO SWIFTLY THAT HE DIDN’T EVEN TOUCH THE GROUND. This goat, which had one very large horn between its eyes, headed toward the two-horned ram that I had seen standing beside the river, rushing at him in a rage.

The goat charged furiously at the ram and struck him, breaking off both his horns. Now the ram was helpless, and the goat knocked him down and trampled him. No one could rescue the ram from the goat’s power.

The goat became very powerful. But at the height of his power, his large horn was broken off. In the large horn’s place grew four prominent horns pointing in the four directions of the earth.

Daniel 8:5-8 (NLT)

1. Increase your speed by quickly leaving the world behind you quickly.

Notice how Andrew and Peter left their fishing nets and followed Jesus. They did it immediately. “As He was going along by the Sea of Galilee, He saw Simon and Andrew, the brother of Simon, casting a net in the sea; for they were fishermen. And Jesus said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men.” IMMEDIATELY, they left their nets and followed Him” (Mark 1:16-18). Don’t hesitate to leave your worldly friends behind. Don’t hesitate to leave your old school mates behind. Don’t hesitate to leave your old career behind. It is nothing! It is nothing! It is a dung!

2. Increase your speed of recognizing anointed people.

When they had crossed over they came to land at Gennesaret, and moored to the shore. When they got out of the boat, IMMEDIATELY THE PEOPLE RECOGNIZED HIM, and ran about that whole country and began to carry here and there on their pallets those who were sick, to the place they heard He was. Wherever He entered villages, or cities, or countryside, they were laying the sick in the market places, and imploring Him that they might just touch the fringe of His cloak; and as many as touched it were being cured.

Mark 6:53-56 (NASB)

Here, we see how the multitudes recognized the anointing and the anointed one. Because they recognized the anointing, they received their healing. Those who did not recognize the anointing did not come out of their houses to receive a blessing.

Over the years I have treasured certain people because I recognized them as anointed men. People have wondered why I make a fuss about certain anointed men. If you are spiritual, you will recognize and respect people just because of the anointing on their lives. Sometimes it is not easy to recognize a great anointing. You must become sensitive to the anointing and recognize it quickly.

Why is that? When you do not recognize anointed people quickly, you may criticize them instead. Anointed people are sent into your life at a particular season. They are also sent for a particular reason.

Kenneth Hagin was sent into my life so that I could receive an anointing and a ministry. Through the anointing on his life, I received a ministry and became anointed to do what I am doing. I loved his tapes so much and I enjoyed listening his messages.

I would share them with others but no one seemed to find them as special as I did. One night, in 1988, whilst listening to Kenneth Hagin, the power of God fell on me and I became anointed to teach. That teaching anointing has given me the opportunity to build churches, have conferences, conduct crusades, raise up pastors and do many other things.

May recognize anointed people when they are sent to you. You will miss your blessing if you do not quickly recognize people that are sent into your life.

Several famous generals were known for their speed. Alexander the Great and Napoleon are some of the well-known generals who were associated with high-speed warfare. Their speed of thought and movement were keys that brought them victory.

Columnist: Dag Heward-Mills