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About to give up on Ghanaians

Nana Akufo Addo Thinking.png?fit=640%2C401&ssl=1 Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, President of Ghana

Sat, 2 Jan 2021 Source: Rockson Adofo

Ghanaians, like any other black African, is very difficult to understand. When you sit back and critically cogitate about the attitude of the Ghanaian, you would just want to give up. There is not much that you can do to get the ordinary Ghanaians to understand the realities of life and how to adapt to the changing ways of life. We are too much mired in our old ways of doing things, superstitiously of course.

For how long shall the Ghanaian continue to be a slave to their false prophets of doom? For how long shall the Ghanaian continue to believe their fake but wealth-seeking pastors, prophets and fetish priests without ever realising that they are being taken for big fools?

Many a time had so-called prophets of doom like Nigel Gaisie and Badu Kobi, only to mention two, been revealed for being purely charlatans yet, some Ghanaians for want of miracles and in desperation to solve their tormenting problems, troop to their churches. For many years that they have believed their lies for truth, hoping to find solutions to the problems that drove them to these pastors and prophets, they still remain wallowing in their ocean of problems, similarly as the pig wallows in its own poo.

For how long are my fellow Ghanaians going to believe the false prophecies churned out by the many fake prophets in Ghana who are experts in lies, if not themselves devil incarnates championing the cause of Satan instead of God's? What good is there in Nigel Gaisie or Badu Kobi that after being exposed as big-time womanisers, thieves, crooks and liars that many Ghanaians still trust them? They go to seek spiritual favours from them in the hope of solving their physical problems. Is this not madness on the part of my fellow Ghanaians most of whom have difficulty understanding the simple or complex ways of life?

No pastor or prophet is vested with the ability to take anyone to heaven but how one avails themselves of the principled opportunities in the bible, thus, the Word of God. No pastor or prophet can help solve your financial and physical worries except by living a more responsible or prudent life through hard work, saving for a rainy day, doing good to your neighbour and respecting the laws of the land. Illness, death, problems etc. are all part of life. Why should we allow our teeming Ghanaian pastors and prophets to needlessly capitalise on our ailments and fears to compound or worsen our plight?

In this era of Covid-19 pandemic with its now newly surfaced more contagious and deadlier variant, some callous Ghanaian pastors are still demanding their church members to pay their church dues and tithes and to frequent church services. What is the money being collected for? Instead of showing compassion on the mostly poor church members, the pastors and prophets are still into exploiting their church members to enrich themselves. Are we not being stupid as a people, to continue to allow these most corrupt and wicked Ghanaian pastors and prophets to play on our intelligence? They hold no key to the gates of heaven and cannot unlock the floodgates of our prosperity for us but ourselves through prudent measures taken.

The few wise people may be compelled to give up on Ghanaians because the majority of Ghanaians are people that you cannot reason with, try as you do. If you could make them understand and behave as rational beings, why would they still be frequenting the churches of liars like Badu Kobi and his ilk?

Please, fellow Ghanaians, don't let us belittle ourselves by becoming stooges to the fake prophets and pastors in Ghana. There are a few good ones who don't come out to publicise themselves as do the many fake ones.

How reasonable are you if you should allow yourself to fall a victim to the doubling-money promisors? Give me one thousand Ghana Cedis (GHC1,000) and I will give you forty thousand Ghana Cedis (GHC40,000). Will you not be a fool to go for this deal when a doubling-money mallam or pastor promises you so? However, some quick-buck-seeking Ghanaians fall for these trickeries by crooks adorned in saintly cloaks.

Why on earth should you allow a Ghanaian politician to deceive you to hit the streets protesting, setting fires to markets, etc., at the risk of your life; getting arrested, prosecuted and possibly shot to death while such politicians and their family members stay out of harm's way enjoying their riches in the comfort of their homes? Is it worth worrying yourself for a Ghanaian who stupidly allows him or herself to be easily manipulated by others?

Better give your tithes to the poor in the street, to widows, disabled persons and orphans rather than giving them to the fake pastors and prophets who love to live affluent lives at your expense.

Ghanaians, please let us wise up as time and tide wait for no man. Trust ye not the false prophecies by Nigel Gaisie, Badu Kobi et al.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo
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