Acquiring a university degree is not enough

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Sat, 5 Aug 2017 Source: Solomon Sarpong

I get very sad to see university graduates of today with good qualifications, yet unemployed. Probably you might have heard of unemployed university graduates association.

But there is this question that runs through my mind always. What is the essence of going to a university if it can't help us secure a job for our future?

At first glance, one may conclude that going to university is all about acquiring a good degree. Maybe you should be inquisitive to find out how life after school is. Acquiring a university degree will not necessarily guarantee you a job after school, but some aspects may put you a step ahead of a certain category of people.

Having a degree is a step in the right direction, as it provides one with a sound foundation, and provides a platform to socialize, build contacts and creates an avenue for one to be more independent. A section of society will accord you respect. We should, however, beware that, adding value to yourself and whatever you do will get you where you want to be in the near future.

Dear friends, brothers and sisters, I want to tell you that, there is more to attending university and not just acquiring a qualification. Life after university is a very challenging one. Your certificate will be invaluable if you are not able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you are worth the certificate you are holding.

I want to put on record, that, it is uncontestable that universities equip students with so much skills, and enables them to be able to think in abstract; be a problem solver, and be independent in mind and appearance in most of the activities they perform, and not always running to people for solutions to their problems.

Have you wondered about how others have passed through the same system and are making positive impact for themselves and across the globe? The popular phrase most university graduates, especially those who walk like Holy Ghost is that, "our future lies in the hands of the creator". This is very true, but I believe strongly that, heaven helps those who help themselves. Don't limit your challenges, but rather challenge your limits. God will not descend from heaven to give you a job. We all have a stake in our future, likewise our creator. Play your part. The sky should always be your limit. Be ready to be your own boss and turn your world around. The future holds hope, reach for it, take risk, ask for God's favour, be creative, don't be a lazy person.

Going to a university should be a life changing experience, but it all starts with you. Always remember that, a house cannot be repaired when the owner is destroying it.

It is my hope and expectation that, you find this piece very useful so that you can live up to the expectation of who you want to become someday. May God help us all. Thank you.

Columnist: Solomon Sarpong