Opinions Fri, 20 Sep 2013

Ade coker! Your time is up!!

By: Jake Addo

The NDC is a party, which believes in competition and democratic principles, and thus respects the rights and judgment of its members. If at the time of going to congress to elect a flag bearer to lead the party in the 2016 presidential election, and no one shows interest then the President may go unopposed. The NDC is in government and has water and sewage systems to repair, roads to maintain and reconstruct and refuse to collect. In short the NDC has been given a job to do. The electorates and the world are watching. The NPP is not in government, and so have not much to do and can afford the luxury of spending their time and energy on trivial matters.

Mr. Ade Coker knows too well that he is unpopular and will be shown the door at the coming Regional Conference to mark the long awaited end of a self-centered political career. This is why only a few weeks after publicly questioning the judgment of the President to dismiss Mr. Kempes Ofosuware as the MCE of Tema, he the same person is calling for John Mahama to run unopposed for the candidature of the NDC in 2016. Who has asked him to do that? Has anyone decided to contest H.E. John Mahama in 2016?

In condemning the President for dismissing Kempes Ofosuware as MCE of Tema, Mr. Ade Coker was only serving his parochial interest with the stupid reason that the MCE has been ‘helping the region’. What does this mean? How and with what has he been helping? With money I suppose! Monies which should have gone to the constituencies? Is it the constituencies that should help the region or it is the region that should help the constituencies?

Mr. Ade Coker is one reason why the NDC lost all three seats in Tema. As Regional Chairman it was his duty to ensure that the three constituencies get the necessary support and logistics required to win the 2012 election. Instead he extorted money from the MCE of Tema, monies which should have gone to the Constituencies and the Branches. Party members knew this all along but could not say it, since they would be washing their dirty linen in public. Lo and behold he himself came out to confess with his dumb ‘helping the region’ public defense of Mr. Ofosuware.

The decision to retain H.E. John Mahama as leader of the party will be based on the manner he has carried on with his mandate. Those who genuinely wish him well are helping in various ways for the success of the PHASE TWO OF THE BETTER GHANA AGENDA not boot or ass- licking sycophants! Jake Addo is Chairman of the Dr. Aryerh Branch of the NDC in the Tema East Constituency. Email: toryaddo@yahoo.com Tel: 050 819 801

Columnist: Addo, Jake