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Advice to Japan in the face of the Chinese, Russia and North Korea aggressions

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Fri, 14 Oct 2022 Source: Rockson Adofo

Once the mighty tech giant of the world, Japan has not been spared its own fair share of the economic turbulence and stark insecurity the world is going through, especially, in her own backyard.

The rouge North Korean state and its leader, Kim Jong-Un, with their infatuation with testing missiles of various types and ranges that are very capably able to hit anywhere inside Japan to cause massive devastation to land, property, and human lives, it is just security-wise, if not common sense, for Japan to guarantee her own self-protection.

Matters become worse when you put almighty China, the current overambitious neo-colonial expansionist country in the world, into the equation.

Communist China has indisputably become an economic, technological, and military superpower in the world with the unhidden agenda to expand its territory and influence, if possible, by force.

Look at how China just twenty years into an agreed term of fifty years for running a one-country two-political system with Hong Kong, has reneged on the agreement.

China was supposed to allow Hong Kong to run as a democratic state for fifty years after the United Kingdom handed the country back to her on 1st July 1997.

"The Handover of Hong Kong was the formal passing of authority over the territory of the then colony of Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to the People's Republic of China at midnight on 1 July 1997. This event ended 156 years of British rule in the former colony".

However, for China's overzealousness to expand her territory and authority, in the larger picture of dominating the world by numbers of the population, militarily, economically, technologically, and politically ideologically, they could not wait but to abrogate whatever terms of contract they had entered into with the UK on Hong Kong.

Now, Hong Kong has practically been forced into the communist rule of China long before the fifty-year agreed term has expired.

Additionally, China is threatening Taiwan and will soon end Taiwan's democracy by forcing her into mainland China as one country practising communism.

The numerous islands in both South China and the disputed East China seas are being claimed by China by the use of sheer force.

Without getting down to the nitty-gritty of the islands and the international sea waters around the area that China is laying a claim to, and protecting with military threats to would-be trespassers, it will not be any surprise to me to wake up one morning to hear that China is claiming Japan as part of it.

Therefore, it will just be strategically wise, or commonsensical for Japan to start seriously implementing robust measures of any preventive type, to ward off any would-be Chinese endeavours to incorporate Japan into China, if indeed, Japan wants to continue to remain a sovereign democratic country in that sphere of a turbulent world.

Japan, I will advise, should not deceive itself into thinking that the United States of America (USA) and its allies will solidly defend them against a powerful external aggressor like almighty greedy and clever China.

The USA may again have a president like Donald Trump who was disinterested in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) but in the selfish interests of America.

Was Donald Trump not withdrawing the USA from NATO, if he had indeed not withdrawn her while he was in power? Was he not showing disinterest in the defence of Europe and asked the European members of NATO to contribute enough money of their own for their own defence without looking forward to the USA to defend them in case of attacks by whomever?

If Donald Trump was in power today, his friend, Vladimir Putin, the President of the Federation of Russia, will have successfully completed his military invasion of Ukraine within weeks with Ukraine now fully becoming part of Russia.

Concluding from the behaviour and the policies that Donald Trump was selfishly pursuing in the selfish interest of America, it is just prudent for Japan, a small country in the Sea of Japan in the Western Pacific Ocean, bordered by Korea to the West and Russia to the North, to arm herself to the teeth.

She should be ready and able to defend herself against aggressors like North Korea, Russia, and China that may see her as an enemy owing to her friendship with, or marriage to, America.

Japan not being a member of NATO but a formal global partner same as Afghanistan, Australia, Colombia, Iraq, the Republic of Korea, Mongolia, New Zealand, and Pakistan, had better find a means to defend herself without over-relying on America or NATO to defend her when attacked by say, Russia, North Korea or China, all three nuclear powers.

Japan should not remember her past in the second world war to continue to feel shy to stop her from putting in place powerful mechanisms to capably defend herself against rogue states like North Korea.

The same advice goes for Germany, the economic and industrial powerhouse of Europe. Germany has all the means available to her to build sophisticated weapons to defend herself and colleague-NATO and European Union members.

Look at how the European Union is lately threatened with disintegration following the successful exit by the United Kingdom in what is Brexit? Some French political parties are doting on Frexit with Italy and Austria's far-right leaders probably deciding on revising their membership of the European Union.

Those who have the means to build what it takes to defend themselves, not using such means to oppress or invade others, should please do so to avoid being invaded by pariah states like Russia, North Korea, and especially, almighty China is on expansionism of territory and sovereignty the world over, through brute force, or baiting soft loans to third world countries, including Ghana, my motherland.

They are dominating Ghanaians in Ghana, doing whatever they like with impunity, while the ensemble of Ghanaians watch in utter disbelief and resign to fate taking its own course.

Germany should not be held down by the shame visited upon them by their once fascist, xenophobic, and aggressive leader, Adolf Hitler, who in his desire to conquer the world, brought about the second world war and the extermination of millions of Jews whom he wrongly saw and considered as vermin.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the untold economic hardships it has brought upon the world should be sufficient signal or proof to Japan to advise herself when it comes to her defence as a sovereign state.

They have the technology so let them invent something that can negate the efforts of any of their would-be aggressors.

The military invasion of Ukraine by Russian President Vladimir Putin for selfish reasons can happen to any country. Therefore, Japan is warned to be a million times proactive to avoid any “had I known” in her sovereign life.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo