Afari Gyan must go before reforms

Thu, 12 Sep 2013 Source: Afag Ghana

There is no doubt that the negligence or incompetence of Dr Afari Gyan nearly brought this great nation to her knees. Dr Afari Gyan’s hardnosed approach led to such ill-based decisions, and actions in bad faith. Even without the verdict of the court, we saw how porous and shaken the electoral commissioner was, upon cross examination. Dr. Afari Gyan must be ashamed of himself for bringing our cherished electoral commission into such great disrepute.

We have noted calls by all for electoral reforms including that of a deputy minister of information. Why are we clouded by high levels of sycophancy as a nation? Something is certainly wrong. As described by Justice Dotse "So far as I am concerned, Dr. Afari-Gyan has cut a very poor figure of himself, and the much acclaimed competent election administrator both nationally and internationally has evaporated into thin air once his portfolio has come under the close scrutiny of the Courts"

AFAG finds the continuous stay of Dr. Afari Gyan in office as unconscionable and an act against reason. We agree the electoral commission must call for proposal for reforms. However, this should not be superintended over by the person who consciously admitted the mess. The call for proposal in itself is an admission of the fact that, something went very wrong under the forever knowing Dr. Afari Gyan. As a country we had to stand together for peace but the time is now for us to abort the mess. Certainly Dr.Afari Gyan’s exit is in itself an essential part of the reforms.

Fellow Ghanaians, now that Dr Kwadwo Afari Gyan has lost any modicum of credibility, we must work hard as peace loving Ghanaians to call for sanity at the electoral commission. For how long will we call for peace when we continuously defy justice? The call for Dr.Afari Gyan’s exit is necessitated by AFAG’s pursuit for justice.

Dr.Afari Gyan must go now!!!!!!!

God bless Ghana.


Dr. Nana Ayew Afriye

Arnold Boateng

Abu Ramadan

Henry Haruna Asante

Hon. James Apeitu Ankrah

Columnist: Afag Ghana

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