Aku Baneseh writes: Who is a foot soldier?

Npp Supporters Mass File Photo: NPP supporters at a rally

Sat, 9 Jun 2018 Source: Mabel Aku Baneseh

In my view, foot soldiers are usually the young supporters in political parties. They garner grassroot support for their parties. They include tertiary students, bankers, lawyers, semi-literates, illiterates and the well educated. In fact, they cut across all divides.

Foot soldiers include level-headed people who don’t support anything thrown at them. There are liberals among foot soldiers.


Fanatics and fanaticism don’t define who foot soldiers are.

The extremist among foot soldiers are the ones who see no evil, hear no evil or speak no evil so long as their party is mentioned. They see anyone who criticizes their leaders as an enemy. To them, party first.

They are the ones I call autopilots. They are not the ones who bring their parties to power and the earlier they get it the better.


I’m surprised people confuse the two to be the same.

Level headed, nationalistic and tolerant foot soldiers have matured to become Presidents, Ministers and CEOs etc etc. They are the game changers.

Autopilots who graduate to become government appointees transmogrify into a total mess in the long run. We are all witnesses to how fanatics, who manage to secure national appointments fare in the media space due to their extreme thoughts and behaviour.

Power of the FOOT

What does the FOOT do? It holds you to the ground. You must, therefore, be careful with how you treat your DECENT and nationalistic “foot”.

Columnist: Mabel Aku Baneseh
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