All Die Be Die-Nana Akuffo Addo Must Die First

Fri, 18 Feb 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Those of us who know the true colours and history of this TRIBAL GROUPING calling itself a political Party known as the National Pick Pockets (NPP) in Ghana were NEVER SURPRISED AT ALL when Nana Akuffo Addo incited NPP members to fight NDC members in the 2012 general elections and that they should EVEN BE PREPARED TO DIE to enable him become Ghana’s President in 2013. There is always blood in the Head of Tsetsefly because the Danquah/Busia tradition which the NPP represent today is the originator of TRIBALISM AND POLITICAL VIOLENCE in Ghana as confirmed by their Senior Anarchist in the person of Nana Akuffo Addo at Koforidua in the Eastern Region which is incidentally his home Region where he shared the votes with the NDC in 2008 and LOST HEAVILY, he must be ashamed of himself by now.

We are keeping our fingers crossed while waiting for the re-actions of the Ghana Bar Association, Ghana’s clergy and Christian Council of Ghana, which are all integral wings of the violent prone NPP in Ghana.

We are also waiting for the same re-actions from our traditional rulers and civil society organizations as well as the Trades Union Congress (T.U.C) of Ghana about the evil remarks of this loose talking war monger, cum presidential candidate. According to Mr. Akenten Appiah Menkah a leading member of the NPP- they were planning to start a civil war in Ghana when the NPP led by Prof. Adu Boahen lost the general elections to J.J. Rawlings in 1992 BUT the late Otumfuo Opoku Ware II of blessed memory STOPPED THEM when they approached him with that murderous and beastly IDEA in 1992. And they falsely accused him of being an NDC member. For more details, see my column in GhanaWeb.

Nana Akuffo Addo and all the leading members of the NPP must first die after losing the 2012 general elections for their Party’s Youth to follow their DEVILISH-EXAMPLES later.

Infact, if NOT for the fear of God, the NPP should have been scrapped from the Books of Ghanaian politics as a political Party. This fire eating arrogant anarchist called Akuffo Addo can never become the President of Ghana in 2012 and practice his so called Akan Tribalism, the NDC will retire him from active politics in 2012 in a One Touch Style if only the President will listen to the masses and SACK MORE NON PERFORMING GREEDY APPOINTEES in his government this year 2011 which is an ACTION YEAR. Anybody can become Ghana’s next President on the ticket of the NPP BUT NOT NANA AKUFFO ADDO A MAN OF VIOLENCE AND TRIBALISM- Tofiakwa.


“Tell Rawlings that if he wins the 1996 elections, Ghana will be in flames” -that was Dr. Nyaho Tamakloe a leading member of the NPP on National TV (GTV) in 1996. Ghana’s clergy remained silent, the Ghana Bar Association remained silent, our Traditional rulers did the same. “Even in an ocean of blood, the Alliance would March to the Castle”-Mr. Charles Biney Alliance For Change Co-ordinator and a Taxi Driver in the U.S.A-Daily Graphic 23rd August, 1996 –In reply J.J Rawlings told them that Ghana is now a peaceful country and a model of peaceful Constitutional evolution and we must do everything possible to sustain this achievement. I will like to re-assure the nation that no matter the PROVOCATION, we will ACT maturely and with restraint – and true to his words, the NDC did just that and won the 1996 general elections hands down. During the 2000 general elections, they (NPP) started killing Ghanaian women and transported DEAD BODIES from Eyadema’s Togo to discredit the NDC and won THE 2000 GENERAL ELECTIONS.

A CRAB DOES NOT GIVE BIRTH TO A BIRD. IT IS AN AKAN PROVERB. It means that if a man is a murderer, thief, dishonest person, tribal bigot or a liar, his children will automatically take his character. Dr. J.B Danqauh was tribal bigot, a political murderer and Nana Akuffo Addo is his grandson, the late Akuffo Addo was a violent man who believed in tribalism and bloodshed so Nana Akuffo Addo is “RIGHT ” I am waiting for rejoinder from any member of the NPP right from Ex. President Kufour through Nana Akuffo Addo to the last floor member of this tribal grouping calling itself a Political Party in this country and I will make them transparent for the whole world to see their dishonesty and lies.


All those who falsely claim that the National Liberation Movement (NLM) with “Mate meho” as its local name in Akan-was a peaceful organization are very dishonest liars. This is because when Mr. R.J. Ville the then Assistant Secretary and Head of West African Department Bat the colonial office gave an independent assessments of the NLM after his visit to the Gold Coast in 1955, this was what he wrote on paragraph II thus: SO little is known about the internal politics of the NLM that it is difficult to know the importance of this core determined people or the kind of control exercised by the Asantehene over them.

It is however clear that they have a FAIR AMOUNT OF DYNAMITE at their disposal and presumably can EASILY OBTAIN FRESH SUPPLIES from THEFT in the MINES. They contain a number of THUGS who are prepared to use KNIVES and ARMS of precision. Reports were current in Kumasi a fort night ago that the NLM had been SMUGGLING IN RIFLES and MACHINE GUNS and there were other reports that SMALL BANDS of people were BEING TRAINED with the Objective of sending them to Accra to ATTACK and possibly MURDER GOLD COAST MINISTERS appointed by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. This explains why Kumasi the Ashanti Regional Capital remains the violent stronghold of the NPP from 1951 up to today 2011. In paragraph (12) Mr. R.J Vile wrote: It is possible that Dr. Nkrumah’s PEACEFUL APPROACH described in paragraph (10) may lead to the peaceful resolution of the differences between the NLM and the CPP on Constitutional matters. Now, dear reader, this was an OBJECTIVE ASSESSMENT of the political situation by a WHITEMAN which showed clearly that Dr. Nkrumah and his CPP were preaching PEACE while the NLM led by the late Dr. Busia was preaching WAR and are still preaching WAR under Nana Akuffo Addo’s leadership to day, 2011, because the NLM/UP tradition which the NPP represent today and we have President Mills preaching Peace while Akuffo Addo preaches violence, tribalism and war by even bragging that what the NPP did at the Atiwa-bye-election was the tip of the ICE BERG. Well we live to see. Let them TRY IT in 2012, we shall show them that the NDC was really BORN OUT OF A NO NONSENSE REVOLUTION in Ghana. If the Danquah/Busia group which the NPP represent today 2011 loses power, violence has always being their stock in trade since 1951 to date 2011, if you doubt it, go and ask your grandfathers or grandmothers-As for NPP members, they will NOT listen to whatever their grandparents will tell them-they would rather believe their own fathers and mothers instead because they are always a group of NEGATIVE characters parading as democrats. Mr. R.J Vile finally concluded that it was quite possible that the CORE of the determined young men in Kumasi in 1955 would TAKE TO THE FOREST and engage in GUERRILLA WARFARE from there, if other matters fail. Oh! Yes, this was the NLM which was later changed to the United Party (UP) which the NPP represent today for you. So Nana Akuffo Addo is following the violent History of the NPP, so he is “RIGHT”.

The main aim of the NLM was to MAKE the country UNGOVERNABLE, so that the colonial office would have little choice but to intervene and DELAY GHANA’S INDEPENDENCE after the NLM lost the general elections conducted by the British in 1951, 1954 and 1956 respectively as Dr. Nkrumah beat them in a landslide victory because Ghanaians wanted PEACE and NOT WAR and they still want PEACE and NOT WAR today 2011. Those leading CPP members who were killed in Kumasi were (1) Comrade C.K Osei, (2) Mary Akoamoah, Krobo Edusei’s wife, (3) Dr. Kwame Nkrumah the Prime Minister himself whose houses were targets for BOMBINGS, (4) Archie Casely Hayford-Krobo Edusei ‘s sister and several others numbering over three hundred (300) innocent men, women and children. I shall return on this topic. This is only a TIP OF THE ICE BERG on the violence, murder and tribalism of the Danquah/Busia tradition which the NPP represent today 2011. Meanwhile when the SATCHET WATER PRODUCERS increased their prices from 5Ghana Pesewas to 10 Ghana Pesewas in the Ashanti Region alone because of their alleged hardships imposed on them by President Mills’ 2 year old government – people refused to buy the sachet water at such high prices and rather they drank RAW WATER and they were forced to RESELL IT AT 5GP and the NPP is ashamed for playing politics with sachet water. Over to you-Ghana Youth but I will be back with more revelations so dear reader, keep your fingers crossed and wait for me. COME AGAIN Nana Akuffo Addo. I am done.

Aluta Continua!

Clement Sangaparee




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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement