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Although I support Kennedy Agyapong ....

Kennedy Agyapong Suit Kennedy Agyapong

Fri, 28 Jul 2023 Source: Rockson Adofo

I am unwavering in my support for Kennedy Agyapong to become the president of Ghana come 2025. My reason for supporting him is unequivocally stated in my previous publications.

I know how Ghana politics is principally centred on ethnic sentiments than issues and policies hence my support for Kennedy being highly a risky gamble in perspective of NPP winning election 2024.

Why should we continually subscribe to the politics of tribalism, politics of ethnicity, politics of regionalism, politics of religiosity, politics of propaganda and politics of corruption, to say the least?

Without Dr. Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia emerging as presidential candidate of NPP going into election 2024, NPP’s chances of winning election 2024 become slimmer, if the way Ghanaians do their politics and cast their votes are factored in. It is more of tribal politics than issues and policies, if I were to be honest with Ghanaians.

I must confess Dr. Bawumia is doing brilliantly well when it comes to innovations geared towards lifting Ghana out of the numerous problems she is beset with that are pulling her down in her attempts to develop socio-economically. However, until the obedience of the laws of the land is strictly enforced, all the good innovations being hatched and implemented by Dr. Bawumia will not be able to yield the desired fruits.

Therefore, it is just prudent to have someone with a track record of tested mettle like Kennedy Agyapong to come and pave the way for the later coming of Dr. Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia to implement all his farsighted innovative policies.

Ghana is over the past decade could be said to be living in total decadence in every facet of her socio-politico-economic life. This deplorable decadence cannot continue forever without having adverse impact on the society.

It is for the immediate correction of the doomed direction consciously, or unconsciously, in pursuit by Ghana that I call for someone that can honestly, firmly and pragmatically whip Ghanaians into line to strictly abide by the laws of the land hence, Kennedy Agyapong.

Much as I support both Kennedy and Dr. Bawumia equally, and for specific reasons, I shall by this publication entreat my younger brother Kennedy Agyapong to mind his impulsive temperament. Always threatening to reveal the secrets of how NPP won both elections 2016 and 2020 as though they resorted to some illegalities is purely childish talk.

How honest are you if you partook in illegal processes to rob Ghanaians of their intended choice of government and president? He who does that has got his reputation already dented.

NPP to the best of my knowledge and the open processes easily verifiable by the public, never employed any illegal means to win any of the said elections. They won both elections genuinely.

Let it be known to Ghanaians that if you put in place measures and structures to negate or prevent crime from being committed in the first place, you have yourself committed no crime. This must clearly be understood by Kennedy.

It is becoming one too many his constant threats to expose how NPP won election this or election that. This disgusting attitude of his, although the person with demonstrable record to get Ghana going without carrying her current weighty load of lawlessness and crimes, may cost him votes, If not the favour in the eyes of discerning Ghanaians.

I shall advise him to concentrate on telling the Ghanaian public his policies and programmes and how he will implement them to benefit of all and sundry were they to vote for him to become the president.

He should leave any attacks to his person to his supporters of whom I am one, to defend him.

Those senselessly attacking the person of Kennedy for any reason, should cease since where there is an action, there is always a reaction. Any such negative action with corresponding reaction will only go against NPP as a party but not the specific individuals they are intended for, so NPP members and sympathisers must be aware of this fact.

Why this division within NPP way ahead of their primaries elections? How can they unite to fight their common NDC rivals come election 2024 if they happened to have washed and dried their dirty linen in public?

I was saddened when I came by a WhatsApp video in which a certain Ghanaian male adorned in Kente cloth was bemoaning the on ending disgusting threats by Kennedy to collapse NPP by revealing all the dirty secrets he knows about how NPP won elections 2016, 2020 and so on and so forth hence this publication.

Finally, the best positions on the NPP ballot for their flag bearer primaries election in my personal candid opinion are numbers one and ten. They can easily be understood and seen when communicated to the electorate, especially those without formal education. Simply say, ”Ɛsoro hɔ” or “Asie hɔ”, thus, the “uppermost” or “bottommost”.

Easy-peasy, innit?

As I always say, I want a team of Kennedy Agyapong, Dr. Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia, Dr. Kwabena Duffour and IGP Dr. George Akufo-Dampare to rule Ghana. They are a combination of honest, firm, innovative and farsighted people.

The proud and fearless son of Kumawu/Asiampa will never spare the rod to spoil the child hence chastising Kennedy to get him off the empty threats but on to the correct campaign track.

Although I support Kennedy, I loathe his apparent diarrhea of the mouth, if I am not afraid to succinctly express it as such.

However, go for the president, Kennedy, I am with you.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo
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