An Open Letter To Matilda Amissah-Arthur

Thu, 16 Jul 2015 Source: Acheampong, Owusu Ebenezer


Shalom!! Mrs. 2nd Lady of this noble land, Ghana. I came in peace and in peace I will leave you, from my humble hamlet, which has been affected by "Dumsor" for the past two days, I write you this letter. Anyway let me acknowledge my power bank for keeping my battery till now, without it by now I would have missed this great opportunity to write to my 2nd Lady.

Mrs. Amissah-Arthur, first of all I will like to commend you for your enormous contributions to the development of this great land, Ghana. I have been following you for some years now and your legacy is worth emulating. I think ladies of this land should look up to you, take you as a role model and use you as a lodestar for success. Why do I say that, I am highly overwhelmed by your personal social responsibilities you undertake. I am not sure if it has always your dream and passion to donate, but my little information states, you were inspired by your father, a social welfare worker. Daddy has really done well. You donate to the education and health sectors of this great land. Your advocacy for children and women too are very popular and shows your desire to transform and impact society. What even stun me more is your profession, a Librarian, most individuals who found themselves in such fields are somehow the reserved type, they centre on that alone, they don't explore other fields as you are doing. However, the reason of yours might be your status in this country, 2nd Lady of Ghana, yet still your exploits worth commending.

Madam 2nd Lady, as great and proud follower of you, I am sure if things are going bad and I don't alert you, I am worth being treated as a first class enemy. Due this Madam, I will like to register the plea and the displeasure of Ghanaians to your speech at Kukurantumi. They are very disappointed that statement came from our honourable adorable 2nd lady and therefore demand an apology to that. Of which I am no exception. Maybe that statements came in the state oblivion. Let me delve into it so you can see.

The school mentioned was Kukurantumi Presby Primary. Madam note that it is a public school. Ok, let me move on. The Headmistress and the entire community appreciate your donations and then developed a sort of trust in you that you can be their guardian angel. A noble messenger to transmit their worries and grievances to the appropriate quarters for them and thereby asked a humble request Madam. Their request was simple and plain, ADVOCATE for them. That was their humble request. Madam 2nd Lady, they are so aware of the fact that the government is failing in their duty as you clearly putted it. There is failure on the side of Government to provide basic items such as chalk to our educational centres to attained better education they are preaching. Madam, you could see clearly from the applauds of the crowds and the happiness on the face of the people of Kukurantumi present at the gathering, the mentioned issues has been a canker. It is something they desired immediate attention from the government. It is something they are worried of and you being a noble messenger it was from the depth of their heart and wise to tell you. But Madam 2nd Lady, you indeed betrayed them and treated their worries rubbish and slugged it off as something unnecessary. Madam who said that 5 sets of computer will better their education. What is the use of computers if chalks are not available to teach. And ooo you think chalks are not expensive? Then the government should make it available to them wai. And let me make this clear, cost is relative, what might be costly to one might not be for another.

Madam 2nd Lady, you tried to give alternative and counter proposal of which Madam, you know clearly you can't put squared pegs in round holes of which you tried doing but it was obvious you failed. You talk of using the Alumni, eii Madam, did you check where you were standing, a primary school oooo. You even just donated computers to them and are you sure they can create a database? And Madam, let me ask oooo do your primary schools have your details and knows your whereabout? Definitely No! So it is to all, we don't boast of our primary schools, except a few "Dee bee" students, that one too it is not a public school and they can't even trace us too and you talked of the P.T.A., how effective is a public school P.T.A. if they were in a capacity to help the school, they won't wait for you to donate 5 sets of computers. Madam your counter proposal will best suit a Senior High School but not Kukurantumi Presby Primary School. I am sure you are getting me now Madam. Ok, good.

And Madam, you said you won't give them chalk today or tomorrow, hahahaaaa. Like really! Were they asking you to give them, they only said mentioned their plea to the government. And to me this should have been a simple task. You claimed you will feel shy to request that, eiii Madam, you got them wrong. Their message was Madam ADVOCATE FOR US. For all you know government has been providing but due to malfunctioning at the district level there are being denied or any other administrative issues. But to just jump into your assumptions, Madam please the people have lost trust in you and you were not fair to them at all especially the Headmistress.

Madam, upon their school uniform and teachers log books request you came out with another alternative. Your argument of over dependency of the government will hold if it wasn't government who promised them school uniforms, government did that and if they tell you to advocate for them to have their quota, why then that trivial " we have spoilt you"...hahahaaa you and who? Which parent doesn't care about what the child wears? And you asked Primary school teachers to purchase their own log books...Eiiii do u know their salary? and have you seen a minister buying fuel with his own money into a state car and using it for state works. It is absolutely No! So teachers should do that right? There wasn't fairness in this one too.

So Madam, Please come again and this time with apologies or something sweet to tell the people of Kukurantumi, you gave them a bitter pile instead of the honey. Some are arguing about how it was good but the manner you presented it. I don't want to go there. My focus now was in your matter and I am sure you are in agreement with me now.

Mrs. Matilda Amissah-Arthur, I continued to be your proud follower and I will like to say that continue to do the good works, don't let anything discourage you,not even this incident, because your role models are still looking up to you. I love you so much and I wish you well.

"I came in Peace, In Peace I am leaving"

Desperate to hear from you soon.

Your Concerned Follower

Owusu Ebenezer Acheampong

( Mr. Powerful)

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Columnist: Acheampong, Owusu Ebenezer