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An open letter to Dr Bawumia on his call for the use of data

Alhaji Dr Mahamudu Bawumia 2 Vice-President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia

Sun, 10 May 2020 Source: Sadiku Katadatu


I am with much felicity to write to you this letter. Hope you are enjoying Ramadan in good health?

Sir, I was very excited when you encouraged us all during your meeting with the press on Monday, 4th May, 2020 to always speak to data.

Due to your supposed appetite for data, I am encouraged to analyse the data on the NPP's 2016 major campaign promises vis-a-vis their implementations. Sir, they are as follows:

First, I want to talk on borrowing. The data on the ground shows your government has borrowed more than any other government in the history of Ghana. You increased our debt stock from GHS120 billion in December 2016 to about GHS230 billion currently with very little investment to showcase to Ghanaians. Our debt to GDP among other variables is now projected to hit over 70% by the end of December this year. THE DATA SHOWS YOU HAVE PERFORMED POORLY.

Second, sir, the data on the implementation of your 1 district, 1 factory campaign promise shows you have performed abysmally. Out of the 216 districts then in 2016, not even 20 have had their shares of those factories as I write this letter to you. Commissioning of existing 58 private factories by the president and yourself in some few districts even makes mockery of what your party promised Ghanaians in 2016. THE DATA SPEAKS FOR ITSELF.

Third, sir, do you remember what your party (NPP) promised the good people of Zongo in 2016? Out of the 100s of Zongo communities in the country, the data available does not put your government in the advantage side. Very very few Zongo communities (not more than 10) have seen some level of "real development". You know this better than I do. THE DATA ON YOUR ZONGO DEVELOPMENT PROMISE SHOWS YOU DECEIVED THE PEOPLE TO HAVE VOTED FOR YOU IN 2016.

Four, the data on corruption fight does not favour your government at all. Cases of corruption are unprecedented under this your government. The data on the Corruption Perception Index put your government on the bad note. THE DATA AVAILABLE SHOWS YOU HAVE PERFORMED BADLY ON THE FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION.

Fifth, the data on the performance of your $1m per constituency promise is nothing to write home about. Sir, I have a video here with me where you were caught saying the money was already here in the country, so starting 2017 to 2020, each constituency was going to receive its share of the Ghana cedi equivalent of $1m. The data available shows you could not implement the propramme as promised. There is no constituency in the country that has received such an amount from your government. THE DATA SHOWS YOU TOOK US FOR GRANTED.

Six, you promised to construct a dam in each village in the north. The data reveals that, out of the over 5,000 villages up north, not even one-tenth have had their dams contructed by your government. THE DATA CONFIRMS OTHER PEOPLE'S CLAIM IN 2016 THAT YOU COULD NOT IMPLEMENT THE PROJECT.

Sir, on issues like nepotism, favouritism, infrastructure, electricity extension, water provision, healthcare facilities, investment in the oil sector, aviation, among others, the data available show that your government comes no near the government of His Excellency John Dramani Mahama. And I will be happy if you can counter those my claims with any authentic data available to your office. Ramadan Kareem! Thank you.

Yours faithfully, Sadiku Katadatu NDC Youth Activist Ejura

Columnist: Sadiku Katadatu
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