Anyidohu is Fighting a Losing Battle Over……

Sun, 25 Aug 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

I find the recent published write-ups by Koku Anyidohu very offensive, if not treacherous. This disgraced pot-bellied guy who once thought he had the entirety of Ghanaians at his beck and call, has been incitingly spewing and publishing balderdash.

? Coward as this guy is, the Mahama administration has redeployed him to the National Security after his fall from grace to grass during the later part of the Mills/Mahama-led NDC government. He is sitting at the National security headquarters writing pure nonsense with the aim of plunging the nation into a civil war after the declaration of the winner of Election 2012 case by the Supreme Court which of course, will not go in his favour.

? He wants the people of Central, Brong-Ahafo, Volta, Western, Northern, Upper East, Upper West and Greater Accra regions, to confront the Supreme Court and the winning party should the Supreme Court invalidate or overturn the Election 2012 presidential results which is, all too obvious to happen.

? He has been writing under the pseudonyms of Margaret Jackson, Nana Akua Tweneboa Kodua, Afua Kuffour and other such silly names. As coward as he is, without balls to own up to his crimes, he is using female names. The reasons for him feeling more convenient to disguise himself as a female are only best known to him and his paymasters only.

? The people he is seeking to stir up to go on rampage are not as stupid as he is. They are wiser than him. When he was stealing money and fooling about at the Castle enjoying the benefits of his office as the Director of Communications at the Presidency, did he remember the poor people he is now seeking to do his dirty job for him? No! Then his plans are dead on arrival. Nobody will hopefully do his bidding except other equally absurd persons who do not value their lives but are ready to sell their lives to Koku Anyidohu for peanut if not nothing. ? ? Insatiably greedy, selfish and toady as Koku Anyidohu is, he has been misinforming the people of the mentioned regions that Nana Akufo Addo wants to disenfranchise them by stealing their votes. Those people never voted the direction in which the Election 2012 was declared by the compulsive colluder, Dr Afari Gyan and his outfit, the Electoral Commission, in the first place. The election was rigged as has been proved in the Supreme Court hence, the fear gripping Koku Anyidohu, pushing him to wish to plunge the nation into a civil war as exhibited in his latest nonsensical write-ups.

? I will be stooping too low to the level of the "educated illiterate" Koku Anyidohu if I should argue on the premise that if the elections had not been rigged, Nana Akufo Addo would have won more than two regions. That is not at all the issue. Whoever wins 50% + 1 vote of the majority of the valid popular votes cast, has won without reference to the number of regions won. That is what the Constitution says. Therefore, this intellectually abysmal educated illiterate should cease laying bare his ignorance in public for all to see.

? He will never succeed in his path chosen to foment troubles in Ghana. No rational Ghanaian except idiots of course, will buy into his wishful thinking. I had decided not to write about the Supreme Court case but I cannot hold myself back while he carries himself about propagating highly irresponsibly dangerous ideas. ? ? Anyidohu, if you are a man with two hard balls in-between your thighs, write under your own name. You tried to hide behind names but you have been exposed.

? Take it from me that Nana Akufo Addo has been crowned the winner of the case by God already. Refer to my published articles to familiarise yourself with the circumstances. We are not going to sit for scoundrels like you to continue to take the nation for any further rough ride.

? Which Ghanaian in his or her right senses would want to see John Mahama continue as President upon all the revelations to the contrary at the Supreme Court? Discerning Ghanaians do not want him to continue with the official perpetration of corruption or thievery of which you are one of the biggest beneficiaries hence, your unflinching support for him as made evident in your write-ups.

? Discerning Ghanaians, please do not be perturbed by the evil plots by Koku Anyidohu, a he-she. Is he still on his bloody painful period? Does he still need sanitary pads even before the free SHS is implemented in future?

? I say, GET LOST, KOKU ANYIDOHU! May you perish with all the nonsensicalities you represent.

Rockson Adofo ?

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson