Arrest Fatwa On Nana Bosomprah;

Mon, 14 May 2012 Source: Yawose, John


Check on yesterday, 12th May 2012, news item on the outburts of that bilkish man called Ablakwah Okujeto, an official of Mills sinking dirty administration at Radio Gold (Radio Rwanda), thus; -----

""" Deputy Minister of Information, Samuel Okudjeto Ablakwa has called for the arrest of the copyright official Nana Bosomprah who registered the National Democratic Congress’ logo in the name of the former first lady, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings.

Nana Bosomprah has confirmed claims by the former first lady on the ownership of the NDC logo saying there is no doubt the logo belongs to Nana Konadu since she registered it in her name with no sponsorship from anyone. Samuel Okudjeto Ablakwa says that he is surprised that former administrator at the copyright office is still walking as a free man and wonders why the security agencies have not picked him up because according to him, he(Nana Bosomprah) has serious questions to answer. Okujeto continued :--You have been called upon to register the emblem of a political party which has existed since 1992, with known operatives, known national executive members and you could not write to the general secretary of the party or the chairman of the party to find out that there is a demand or a claim for the emblem of the party. So you want to find out if there is any objection”.

He also added that the actions of Nana Bosomprah has implications for the country. Everybody in our country will not be feeling safe by this act especially if you run an organization when anybody could walk to the copyright office and register your symbol because you claim the symbol belongs to you’ ” .

My answer to the bloated choresterol- filled Ablakwa Okujeto is that :---

Mills and her (she’s a woman) cabinet including Mrs. Betty ‘Kosorokobo’ Mould Iddrissu as Attorney General are in the same soup as Nana Bosomprah and why has he mischieviously glossed over that in his analysis?

On behalf of the state, they received a bogus claim of $142m dollars from the fraudsters, Woyome/CP/Waterville, for no work done and they could not write to the appropriate quarters to verify the claims, ----even whether Woyome, for instance, had a contract document to back him --- just to find out if there’s any objection---

This corrupt bunch did no such thing but rather negotiated and deceitfully paid the dubious staggering amounts for free.

Everybody in our country will not be feeling safe by this act especially if you run an organization like Attorney General office, when anybody could walk to the AG office and make such huhudious claims and succeed.-----(your own words, Okujeto)

I am surprised that the former Attorney General Betty ‘Kosorokobo Mould Iddrisu, Dr Kwabena ‘Reckless’ Duffuor, the so called Minister of Finance, Alex Segbefia, the Deputyy Chief of Staff, Barton Oduro, Deputy AG etc are still walking as free persons and wonder why the security agencies have not picked them up since they have serious questions to answer on the judgement debts brazen fraud.----( your own words, Okujeto)

Cholesterol-filled Ablakwah Okujeto and his corrupt cohorts, including the President, have displayed malfeasance and deceitful conduct of the highest order in the bogus judgement debt affair. They have insulted Ghanaians and insensitive as they are, they still go on splashing rotten eggs in our faces. What at all have Ghanaians done to deserve this inhumane treatment from NDC?Mills ?

I am reminded of King David in the Bible, to whom Prophet Nathan told the story about the rich shepherd who entertained his visitors by greedily and wickedly taking over and slaughtering the only lamb of his poor neighbour for the purpose. David, burned in anger and delivered the prompt verdict that -- 'as surely as the Lord lives, the man who did this deserves to die'. Then Nathan told David in the face--''You are the man"-- You deserve to die' -- and he reminded David about his sin of getting Uriah deliberately killed and took his wife Bathsheba to be his own.

I tell President Mills, Cholesterol -filled Ablakwa Okujeto and their corrupt pals -- "YOU ARE THE MEN. YOU DESERVE TO BE ARRESTED"

Mills/Okujeto have no moral right to issue the edict for Bosomprah's arrest on this basis. Good for Goose, Good for Gander-Bad for Goose, Bad for Gander- indeed.

Somebody must tell Mills, the fake Asomdweehene, to stop using power so glaringly capriciously and that his diabolical machinations are not lost on JEHOVAH. Verily, verily, I say unto you--NDC/Mills will surely pay the electoral price for their damnable iniquities, come December, 2012. This is divine.

NB. It is a wonder that since this Woyome affair broke out last November, no judgement debt has since been paid by Mills administration

John Yawose ..

Columnist: Yawose, John