Ashantis are tribalistic, Ewes are tribalistic, Northerners are tribalistic.

Mon, 23 Feb 2015 Source: Yawose, John

It seems, in Ghana the Ashantis are invariably at the receiving end whenever the word tribalistic is used. Ashantis appear to be always the targets of such dirty attacks. My observation is that the word tribalistic is used to cow them down, to teach them lessons, to humiliate them all for political reasons. The NDC and their wicked attack dogs are in the habit of describing anything Ashanti as tribalistic to gain political points from the other tribes or other regions in an attempt to confront an imaginary and non-existent Ashanti hegemony.

· One NDC commentator who claims to come from Ashanti said at Muntie fm programme on Friday 20th February 2015, that he does not understand his fellow Ashantis who keep on asking him why as an Ashanti, he is not NPP but rather supports NDC and said his people that is, Ashantis are tribalistic and that, that negative attitude will not help Ghana's progress. I put in a call to condemn him but as usual I did not get through to Muntie FM.

· I regard such attitudes and mind set as displayed by the Ashanti NDC man on the radio as reckless, emotional, dangerous and disrespect to Ashantis..

· There are several Ewes and my great fiend is one of them, who are daily hunted out by fellow Ewes who don't understand why they should be supporting NPP described as the 'Gblutor Party' by Ewes. They contend NDC should be their natural home. The attacks from fellow Ewes on their own people who support NPP are annoying and legendary. The Perry Okujeto's, Elizabeth Ohene's, Ken Nuworsoo and the other top NPP Ewes are always embarrassed amongst their kinspersons. Even, respected and fairminded Voltarians like IMANI giant Franklin Cudjoe and Peter Amewu the energy expert who are not NPP are being criticized and harassed by Voltarians for making points in condemnation of NDC which tend to favour NPP, the Gblutor Party.

· John Jerry Rawlings, an Ewe former Ghana President openly said at a durbar in Volta Region that Ewes who support NPP need psychiatric treatment.

· Similarly, I have several NPP friends from the Northern Regions whose people despise and hunt them out because they don't understand why they should support NPP. In the Muntie Fm programme under reference, an NPP caller from Northern region rightly called in to remind the NDC loose talker that his Northern kinsmen also don't understand why he supports NPP and asked him whether with that, Northerners are also tribalistic. The dumb host did not reply to that intelligent remark.

· My question is, why are Ashantis described as TRIBALISTIC if they condemn an Ashanti NDC person but it becomes acceptable when Ewes and Northerners condemn and harass their Ewe NPP folks?

· It seems in the Ghanaian context, the Northerners and Ewes speak freely and it will be acceptable but Ashantis are sort of gagged and given all sorts of names including TRIBALISTS- for the same ACTS and COMMENTS.

· The discrimination against Ashantis must stop. This general notion is reprehensible.

· The run-up for the 2016 elections will be monitored.

· Those who cite examples to depict Ashantis as TRIBALISTIC, will equally be challenged by examples to be cited to depict Ewes as tribalistic and so are Northerners and Gas and Fantes and Brongs etc.

· The Ewes make everyday tribalistic pronouncements about other tribes amongst themselves.

· The Northerners similarly make everyday tribalistic pronouncement about other tribes amongst themselves.

· Why are Ashantis who do that only silenced and criticized?

· All tribes make such pronouncements. It is natural in everyday talk. I challenge anyone who disputes this fact to come out. Tell that to the Murtala Muhammeds, the Fiif Kweteys, the Anita De Sosoos, the Twum Rapist Boafos, the Sam Georges, The Ofui Kwakyes, the Kwasi Pratts, the Kofi Wayos, The Allotey Jacobs, the Asiedu Fur Coat Nketsias, the Dr. Michael Bokor and all those tribal bigots with such wicked mindset. Ewes are tribalistic. Ashantis are tribalistic. Northerners are tribalistic. All tribes do bad comments about other tribes in their everyday private conversations in their bedrooms and community meetings.. Are we going around to tap people's private conversations to be used for political purposes, in all the regions in all community meetings? Wake up you hypocrites. To hell with your tribally divisive comments. Fire burn you all.

The tag given by politicians and commentators to Ashantis alone is unfair, wicked and provocative and should be resisted under all circumstances.

(President Mahama, this week, addressed Ghana community in Gambia in Twi language. If Kufuor had done same he would be described as a tribalist trying to promote Twi language above others. In Kufuor time, for instance, he addressed the press in Twi in Kumasi at one time, the NDC attack wolves devoured him into pieces on the altar of an ethnocentric President promoting Twi over the other local languages. Those who condemned Kufuor then, like Kwasi Pratt, but have kept mute on Mahama Twi international address in Gambia must bow their stinking heads in shame. Oh these vindictively jealous and envious commentators with diabolic and hatred intentions; Fire will burn you)

John Yawose

Columnist: Yawose, John