Atta-Mills and Nana Addo: compare and contrast

Wed, 1 Feb 2012 Source: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku

The juvenile delinquents of the NDC have decided, in the absence of any achievement by the Mills-Mahama administration, to constantly denigrate the image of Nana Addo, the NPP flag-bearer for the 2012 general elections.Thier latest song of desperation has been that the 2012 election is going to be centered on personally profiles and not the daily bread and butter issues confronting the heavily socio-economic disenfranchised Ghanaian.

All those delusional promises made in 2008 have all been shelved, the action declared for this year has been an illusion while the size of their gluttonous stomachs continue to swell.Thier affinity for stolen wealth is nothing we have ever witnessed in our nation’s 53-year history.

And all this is happening because the chief executive officer of our nation who is suppose to play an effective over-sight role is totally incapacited through cancer invasion of all his mental faculties. This has rendered him totally incapable of playing his mandated role and very sensitive appointment solely meant for him to make, are being made over his head by his subbordnates.This is why even-though the president claims to be abhorrent to insults, people under his very nose are always on rampage hurling abuse at political opponents. These NDC juveniles are in the habit of always trying to draw a parallel between Nana Addo and Atta-Mills, in the area of morality and personal integrity. But putting these two men under the microscope of our Ghanaian norms, it is evident that the difference between them is as deep as the depth of the Pacific Ocean.

Contrasting personalities

Nana Addo is married with five daughters. All these children lived, with some still living, under his roof. They have all been seen through school and have all come out as very successful and well-cultured adults who have had decent parental care, direction and love. He has excelled academically, an outstanding lawyer, relentless human rights activist, a freedom fighter, visionary, decisive, thinks on his feet, positive thinker, can-do spirit, a listener, sympathetic, generous, efficient, capable, and most significantly, has never had a child out of wedlock. And as honorable Maxwell Kofi Jumah once said: “if this is what an individual can achieve by taking drugs, then I will certainly like to be a drug taker”.

On the other hand,Atta-Mills,who claims to be Jesus Christ incarnate, first went out of his matrimonial home, embarked on illicit sexual escapades and ended up having a child whose true father is vehemently being contested by no less a person but the wife of Atta-Mills himself. And this has actually been at the centre of why Naadu has refused to allow this alleged son of Atta-Mills, anywhere close to their abode.

The fact is that Naadu knows very well that her husband,Atta-Mmills,is not in a position to fertilize the egg of a woman for conception to take place, and for that reason, she reserves every right to reject this alleged son of Atta-Mills, as really being his on and fittingly keeping him anywhere near her husband. Holding Atta-Mills hostage Atta-Mills is currently incapacitated and with such a person being in-charge of a whole nation with our myriad of socio-economic problems is a very frightening situation to be in as a people. But most dangerous of it all is the fact that a disabled Atta-Mills has also been taken hostage within the confines of the old-slave castle and being manipulated like a puppet on a string, by these shameless gluttonous hyenas at the seat of government.

These people have no interest in the welfare of the ordinary Ghanaian whose welfare is suppose to be paramount. They are rather pre-occupied with the extent to which they can beat each other in the area of plain-faced thievery, shameless vilification of political opponents and other shameless acts of abject imbecility.

These people around Atta-Mills at the seat of government know very well that they have no love for the man and that they are only putting up this fictitious public affection for him just because his continuous presence at the presidency is their only sure way to stolen monies.

Obviously, these people will swiftly abandon Atta-Mills when he becomes an ex-president on Monday, 7th january, 2013 and he will be such a lonely man. Atta-Mills has failed all Ghanians, particularly the people of his home region. And coupled with the fact that his wife, Naadu, is not welcoming to human-beings but dogs,i really can't fathom people trooping to an ex-president Atta-Mills to keep him company and if care is not taken, the man might not live for long as an ex-president, taking into account his current deteriorated health status.

Atta-Mills will go down in history as the worst leader Ghana has ever had, and also, the most lonely and saddest. The right option for him was to have refused to run for a second term to enable him retire peacefully and think about his poor health but just like a typical visionless African leader, the sweet melodies of these fools around him has taken over his sense of judgement, as regards the true feeling of the citizenry, and he has fallen under the illusion that he is the most efficient person on the planet at the moment.

Ndc’s juvenile vagabonds Nana Addo has been constantly vilified by a juvenile vagabond as Felix Kwakye-Ofosu.First of all, i would like to know if Felix Kwakye-Ofosu has a person of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo's caliber in the whole of his family genealogy. Even Atta-Mills who now looks just like a cartoon character, as a result of drastic deterioration of his health status due to aggressively rampaging carcinogenic cells, is even respected by these foolish and uncouth juvenile vagabonds. For me, these NDC juvenile vagabonds are simply following the irresponsible behaviour of their benefactor, Atta-Mills, whose monumental failure to render a fatherly oversight responsibility over his one and only alleged son, is very much akin to the very character of parents of these brain-dead juveniles masquerading as NDC mouth-piece.

Hypocritically, Atta-Mills will sit aloof for these boys to go about insulting decent members of our society, whose only sin is the fact that they profess different policy alternatives, and then gather the clergy at Pedeuase-lodge to engage in his crocodile-tears serialization of abhorring "intemperate language". The future of Atta-Mills In my candid estimation, Atta-Mills is the most hypocritic,wicked,pretentious,ungrateful,irresponsible,visionless,incompetent,indecisive,unproductive,hopeless,useless and bogus leader Ghana has ever had. And like i have always said, these imbeciles insulting people on his behalf are doing so just to ensure the constant flow of cheap government cash into their pockets and not because they have any grain of love for the man. Even an energetic, politically astute and the owner of the NDC, former president Rawlings, was quickly betrayed by these greedy bastards.

The Libyan National Transitional Council’s (NTC) mandate expires this year and according to the road-map to usher them into a post-Gaddafi Libya, none of the members of the council will be eligible to either form a political party or contest for any political position in a new Libya.

However, here in Ghana, there is no law baring the Atta-Mills-led ‘National Disastrous Council’ (NDC) and its members from partaking in this year's elections. But the monumental failure of Atta-Mills to unite his very own party, the Ghanaian citizenry, and above all, deliver on his illusionist campaign promises, has already made the ground extremely fertile for him and his gang of useless, but highly efficient property grabbing pseudo social democrats, to be excluded from anything that has to do with our nation's governance in 2013 and beyond, since they are going to be comprehensively annihilated at the polls in 2012.

Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei

E-mail: justnoff@yahoo.com

Columnist: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku