Atta’s $18m Christmas gift from Santa

Wed, 11 Jan 2012 Source: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku

"I have no regret for using my holiday to do business for the nation" - saint Atta-Mills on his arrival from a secret mission (31/12/11).

and my question for him here is: how can you claim to be doing business on behalf of the nation when you simply slipped out with informing the nation?again,why have you failed to give us the details of this business you claim to have gone to conduct on our behalf?

A Christian with a lying tongue

Though he claims to a Christian, the president didn't even bother to wish the good people of this nation a Merry Christmas but rather slipped out of the country on the eve of Christmas, at the blind side of the entire nation. The secrecy surround the man’s departure painted the picture that he went on a mission different from when he claims and this is why he over-stayed his original 2-week leave by 4-extra weeks. And during all those times, the good people of Ghana whose taxes pay for such useless trips of Atta-Mills and his bunch of greedy pigs were never told about what was keeping him away. On his return from the first 6weeks trip, all he could tell Ghanaians was that "I am not dead”. He later had a couple of interactions with schools kids and other groups at the castle where he never mentioned of any plans to go back to America. He then topped his useless pronouncements with that 'koliko' 90minutes interview with 'a better Ghana' journalist on Ghana’s radio Rwanda, during which he never made a mention of any plans to go back to meet Santa Claus.

Christmas Eve disappearance

We then we woke up on 24th December to the news that he had slipped out to America to meet Santa-Claus on christmas day, it became very clear that Atta-Mills is a leader who has no grain of respect for his people. Then again, my information is that, even parliament was not informed about his Nicodemus departure and if this is really the case, then the president has actually breached the constitution. The behavior of Atta-Mills and his handlers is very disgraceful and utterly disrespectful to the good people of this nation and I’m really disappointed that our members of parliament who are charged by the constitution to clinically probe into such matters are simply not up and doing. Then you have these NDC juvenile-delinquents who though have a long way to go and therefore have to make sure we build a better society for ourselves, have rather decided to defend such an illegal act by the president, just for political expediency.

What these NDC juveniles with infantile political acumen are doing is what I will call a deliberate act abject circumlocution. The issue on the table is very straight forward: tell us exactly where and when saint Atta-Mills ever communicated to the good people of Ghana whose taxes are paying for his multi-billion dollar cancer treatment, that he was going to return to America to sign business agreements with Santa Claus.

Atta-Mills is a president of Ghana. It is therefore incumbent on him, by the laws of Ghana, to explicitly spell out, well in advance, his every move to the good people of Ghana since he has absolutely no locus to go out there and conduct business on our behalf without our knowledge. What I expected these Atta-Mills apologist to have done to end the all these speculations about the health of Atta-Mills, was to have simply provided us with the names of these business moguls who had lined up to sign multi-trillion dollar agreements with saint Atta-Mills on no other day but Christmas. This, they have shamefully failed to do and yet they go about castigating taxpaying and full-blooded citizens of this land for demanding that saint Atta-Mills complies with the tenets of our constitution.

When I see these shameless apologists of Atta-Mills opening their mouths to talk about his recent unexplained trips abroad, I presume they are going to shut me up by providing Ghanaians with the details of Atta-Mills’ so-called Christmas day business trip but they have always failed to do so.

Loan agreement in a hospital ward

As we speak, the good people of this nation, except these propagandist of the NDC, are in complete limbo as to the real purpose of the president’s Christmas day sneaking out of the couteyr,where exactly his destination was and point-by-point details of these secret business meeting he had while he was away. From what I gather, some of these NDC apologists are themselves not even aware Atta-Mills was going to go back to America just after 5-days of returning from an equally secretive trip that was cleverly disguised as an annual holiday trip. I therefore have the feeling that some of these NDC noise-makers are obviously idle due to lack of employment opportunities under their own party’s administration, and are simply whiling away their idleness by engaging in pointless shouting-bouts with an expressed purpose of attracting the attention of NDC money-bags like woyome, so they could be given some cramps to fill their stomach with.

What these noise-making apologists of NDC are doing is what we Fantes call:"contract no pay”. This is cleaning someone’s dirt when you have not been contracted to do so and also not even being privy to why the person whose shit you are clearing, is having a running stomach in the first place. I would therefore advise these people to contact Koku ‘the bull’ and let him give you proper briefing as to where saint Atta-Mills was, else, the discerning people of our society will simply continue to see them as being mere nuisance. The last-time saint Atta-Mills traveled and Ghanaians got worried that nothing was being heard of him, the greedy pigs around him hurriedly concocted a story of a meeting between him and Ban Ki-Moon, which was later exposed. I have raised a catalog of salient questions which are these greedy and foul-mouth people at the presidency have skillfully circumvented because they simply lack the capacity to engage in proper intellectual analysis.Therefore,to continue engaging these people in a sensible debate is just like pouring water on a stone. The checks I have personally conducted on these recent unexplained trips abroad by Atta-Mills, points to the fact that the man was embarked on those trips strictly on health grounds. Some of us have actually got the wind that he even sought treatment under a different name at a medical facility in New York.

The critical questions on my mind

To those who continue to lie to the Ghanaian taxpayer about the president’s recent nicodemus trips abroad, I would want them to just answer these questions: 1.why was saint Atta-Mills smuggled out of the country 2.why was parliament not informed 3.why were Ghanaians never told of the trip 4.name the business moguls who were slated to sign agreements with saint Atta-Mills 5.why was the entire airport plunged into total darkness when saint Atta-Mills was being smuggled out 6.what is the benefit the nation stands to gain from such a 'kweku anase' stories and finally 7.it is winter time in the northern hemisphere and it is christmas too so which business people did saint Atta-Mills go to meet. Failure by these apologists to answer these questions will put them in the same category as 'bishop bob okala' when they come out with their characteristics incoherent blabbing.

$18m loan from Santa Claus

Ghanaians have raised the same worry about secrecy surrounding the smuggling of Atta-Mills out of our jurisdiction on Christmas eve, and once again, these greedy pigs around him concocted another story of an $18m loan from Santa Claus to be invested in SADA, which has also turned out to be a British loan that was contracted way back in September this year.

Oh NDC, even what you see as clever lies are turning out to be stupid 'kweku ananse' tales!!!

Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei

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Columnist: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku