Attention: Owner Of Nissan Cherry GR 1554 D

Fri, 18 Jan 2013 Source: Thompson, Kofi

By Kofi Thompson

Within the last few days, two young men have jumped over the perimeter wall into the garden of the house I live in - ostensibly to pluck mangoes.

The first one I caught lives in the house of a neighbour l happen to know.

Because he was so young, I decided to let him off, after giving him a little lecture about how easy it is to ruin one's life - by doing something silly like jumping into someone's house to pluck mangoes.

The poor lad was so frightened that when I lifted my hand to take my phone out of my breast pocket to take his photograph, he cringed.

He thought I was going to hit him - I who wouldn't hurt a fly. I have not told the lady he works for - in case she dismisses him because of what he did.

I don't want that on my conscience. A life so young ruined just for plucking mangoes to eat.

A few days later, the second chap, who was much older - probably in his late twenties - jumped straight back over the wall and disappeared again, when I asked him what he was doing in the house.

Naturally, I am worried that people find it so easy to jump over the wall. I may not be so lucky next time - as it could be real criminals who would harm one because they are high on some drug or other.

So I decided to venture outside to survey the back of the wall.

It turns out someone has parked an old grey Nissan Cherry saloon car with the registration number GR 1554 D, directly behind the wall.

It presents me with a dilemma: its an access road to which all have access. If someone decides to use it as a car park for his or her vehicle, that is none of my business.

However, if it is parked directly behind where I live and criminals can use it as a launchpad to vault over the wall to gain access to the house, then that car is a real danger to me and ought to be moved as soon as practicable.

Surely, the owner's freedom to park his or her vehicle on a public road, definitely does not supersede my right not to be endangered by that selfsame vehicle being parked directly behind the perimeter wall of the house I live in, where strangers can use it to vault into the garden?

Well, I am hoping that one of my neighbours will read this and alert the owner of the said Nissan Cherry with the registration plate number GR 1554 D.

Preferring to keep to myself, in a nation in which people prefer to mind their own business in such instances, and those who insist on their rights are often referred to as being "too know" (such terrible phraseology too. You would think they would find a more elegant phrase for such an insult), I am hoping that someone from our neighbourhood will read this and alert the owner of that Nissan Cherry.

If it is still there after a reasonable grace period has elapsed, I shall simply call the police and ask them to tow it away - as I have clear evidence that it is a launchpad for strangers jumping into the garden of the house I currently live in.

If you criticise powerful people you don't take chances with your personal security, do you?

So with the greatest respect and humility, I say to the owner of the grey Nissan Cherry with the registration plate number GR 1554 D: please move your car from where it is currently parked. Thanks in advance - and peace and blessings to you.

Hmm, Ghana - eyeasem o!

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Columnist: Thompson, Kofi