Attorney General Must Prosecute Bishop Daniel Obinim

Tue, 22 Nov 2011 Source: Asamoah, Sam Rockson

Attorney General Of Ghana Must Prosecute Bishop Daniel Obinim For Child Molestation And Child Endangerment

This is a sequel to the recent ranting leading to vandalism charges procured on one of those so called “men of God” in Ghana, Daniel Obinim. His utterances before and after the vandalism charges were so abhorring that attaching his name to the wok of God is disgraceful, disgusting and absurd from a so called “man of God.”

His vandalism and assault trial notwithstanding, I suggest that in the interest of the general public Daniel Obinim must be tried for the harm, hurt and disgrace he has caused the innocent and blameless child who unbeknown to him happens to be in the centre of his controversy. This trial must be separate and distinct from his vandalism and assault trial.

This is an excerpt from a live interview he had with Kwame Sefa Kayi in which he made some incriminating statements to show his stupidity as a person with certain powers“passed my hands through his head, so his mind is completely destroyed and I held his feet and paralyzed him so that the child can never walk… I used the power of Jesus that is in me. I wanted to prove to her that she (Gifty Pokua) cannot destroy the work of God that I was doing because I am not the only man of God who has slept with another woman…That is my way of proving to her that she cannot do what she has done because the relationship we had was some three, four years ago. However if she apologizes to me, I would heal the child,” he concluded.

I can state without any doubt that his powers do not come from the true and loving God but from Satan who does not provide good things but takes away the best and gives back the worst to those who serve him, especially those so called men of God who clothe their evil intentions with the name of Jesus. I am also amazed how this man can still have followers to accompany him to cause vandalism and assault and still be in his fake church. Only in Ghana indeed!!

Soon after his horrible admission of causing harm to that child, I was expecting the legal system and its law enforcement and other agencies to pick him up and prosecute him on charges that could include child molestation, child endangerment, wanton destruction of the sanctity of life of an innocent child, causing undue pain and harm to an innocent child and any other charges that the authorities can find against this self-professed “man of God”. In fact I am amazed at how the attorney general of Ghana and the social services agencies have kept quiet over such malicious and life threatening harm caused to an innocent child. There is no doubt that the Attorney General of Ghana can find some law to back the prosecution of this case. The public will support this action until that poor child gets justice.

The actions of the Attorney General in this case can send clear warning to all Ghanaians and those who find the least reason to cause harm and destruction of life to their fellow neighbours and workers using Juju and other devilish medium. Do not people who think they have such powers openly talk about the harm they can cause or have caused to innocent neighbours? They lavish in the thought that their satanic powers have caused harm to people. Oh how I wish these folks could use their so called juju powers to do good to better the living conditions for all Ghanaians! Unfortunately they cannot because Satan does not provide anything good to those who follow him. Satan only brings shame, fear, distrust, and disgrace to those who follow him. Even if we do not have specific laws the legal system led by the Attorney General must bring this crook and insensitive “man of God “to face justice.

I am even tempted to surmise that he is the biological father of that child. As such the courts should first request to have a paternity test done to establish the true biological father of the child since he has admitted he had an affair with the woman in question. Until a paternity test is done, we will never know the true father of this innocent child. Second, regardless of the results of the paternity test, the court should hold him accountable and responsible for this child for the rest of his life. He should be made responsible for the child’s medical, educational and living expenses for life. According to him, the child will not be able to walk for the rest of his life as well not being able to adequately use his God-given mental faculties. The child is, therefore, disabled for the rest of his life and will only be a burden to the present guardians and remotely to the Ghana government and taxpayers (unfortunately the government of Ghana provides little or no services to the disabled) in our society.

Nonetheless, the government must stand up to defend and protect the defenseless and this innocent child is a prime example. The government cannot shelve its responsibility in this case because doing so will be a travesty. I rest my case.

Sam Rockson Asamoah


CAFAC Ghana Ltd.


Columnist: Asamoah, Sam Rockson