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Bagbin versus Mornah on Wednesday

Alban Bagbin Charged Alban Bagbin

Tue, 6 Dec 2016 Source: Yelbora, Justin

By Justin Yelbora

Unlike in the 2012 elections when Alban Bagbin faced one of his stiffest challenges to retain the Nadowli/Kaleo seat, the Hon. Majority Leader is most certainly cruising to a comfortable win in the 2016 elections.

This prospect has driven some of Bagbin's opponents into adopting desperate, last minute measures, some bordering on patently comical and pathetic, if not criminal behaviour.

One such opponent, is new entrant and orphan candidate Bernard Mornah. It appears the PNC man, out of desperation, has now virtually deserted the PNC, his mother party, and has with reckless abandon, thrown his full weight behind the NDC. He is now depicted in a newly released campaign poster posing like the turn coat he is, with President John Dramani Mahama. Thereby fraudulently implying that the President is behind his ticket.

Earlier allegations by his own PNC party folks that Bernard Mornah is a turn coat have now been justified. He does not work for the PNC. He does not work for Edward Mahama, his own presidential candidate. It is now clear that he works only for his own personal gain.

The electorate in Nadowli/Kaleo must denounce this turn coat of an unconscionable politician. In fact agrieved members of the PNC are already massing up by the droves behind the veteran and much loved Alban Bagbin.

Some people cannot seem to play fair. They cannot seem to stand the prospect of yet another Bagbin tenure. But the people of Nadowli/Kaleo appear to have decided. You only need to listen to the local FM channels. Everybody is rooting for ASK Bagbin. The Toaso mantra is working like magic for H. E. John Dramani Mahama and Hon. Bagbin, much to the chagrin of their detractors !

Columnist: Yelbora, Justin
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