Beware! Anas Aremeyaw Anas has gained momentum and is making a fierce comeback

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Tue, 11 Oct 2022 Source: Joel Savage

Corrupt Ghanaian politicians must be aware that Anas Aremeyaw is returning soon. The private investigator, who is based in Ghana, has found a way to combat corruption in that country, but since the truth is never allowed to reign in any society and those who advocate it frequently become enemies, this investigative journalist under the “TigerEye” firm, has experienced his fair share of assaults, disgrace, criticism, hatred, and undermining, which has prevented him from working for a while.

Many Ghanaians, notably anti-NDC fans and columnists, were against Anas and tried to bring him down since he was exposing corrupt politicians in the government of the Ghanaian leader, Nana Akufo Addo. Many Ghanaians did not value Anas Aremeyaw Anas' work in Ghana, a country where the truth isn't vital in politics and where crime and corruption are tolerated by the current administration.

Anas experienced his fair share of humiliation, assault, ridicule, and dishonor, yet he never defended himself when things got tough. In an article I wrote titled "The Profound Qualities Of Mahama And Anas," I discussed how both Mahama and Anas had experienced their fair share of accolades, humiliations, and accusations, but the best quality about them was how they handled such situations without defending themselves.

Even though President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo promised to protect the public's purse and even stated that he will utilize "Anas' ideas" to combat corruption in the country, he failed the nation. Therefore; Anas took it upon himself to change things in the country with the intention of making a difference. Many Ghanaians turned against the investigative journalist after exposing the biggest corruption in Ghana’s football.

The institutionalized corruption in Ghana's football was a lucrative business that is more advantageous to those involved, including Kwasi Nyantekyi and the president, Nana Akufo Addo, therefore; many corrupt and ungrateful Ghanaians considered Anas' investigation as a wrong thing to do, accusing him of collapsing Ghana's football. Who in their right mind would blame the collapse of Ghana's football on someone who had revealed corruption in the sport?

Nana Akufo Addo has been linked to numerous corruption-related controversies aside from the football controversy that made national newspaper headlines. The most recent is about illegal mining in the country, which has resulted in the destruction of Ghana’s waters and environments but hardly did the press react until the situation got worse because it’s not John Mahama who is in power.

Mahama did not inflict the same level of destruction as Akufo Addo, but the majority of Ghanaians and the anti-NDC media did not spare him. With the assistance of dishonest judges, politicians, and journalists, Akufo Addo used his position and abused the constitution in his interest. The failure of the NPP government today seems to have inspired Anas to come back and continue where he left off.

After being exposed in a bribery and corruption case involving illegal mining in Ghana, also known as Galamsey, Charles Bissue claimed that Anas had set him up. The bribery case actually went cold because the NPP government never took Akufo Addo's vow to seriously combat corruption. The president went on to appoint those who were heavily involved in corruption issues, such as Eugene Arhin, Charles Bissue, and Paul Adom-Otchere.

More crucially, when the late NPP politician Sir John's will revealed his illegitimate wealth accumulation, the Special Prosecutor froze his assets. Surprisingly, the president issued an order releasing the politician's assets to his family. Is this the kind of president Ghanaians are expecting to give them a better future?

They say you have two options: either retire or join them in spreading the false propaganda while your adversaries are trying to kill you because you are standing up for the truth. Like Anas, I took a break from them when I refused to join them and then returned to face the empire of treacherous opponents that had been tormenting me because I was writing against the corruption of Akufo Addo and the impending doom for our country.

I wrote, "Be Strong And Stand Firm, Anas Aremeyaw Anas" for ModernGhana and "How can Anas recover from a dead-end career?," for Ghanaweb when Anas had disappeared from the media landscape. The term "lazy" is used by society to describe someone who is not making a substantial contribution, but when you work hard to accomplish something, you end up surrounded by many opponents. That is the Anas' narrative.

The majority of Ghanaians can now see the damage this particular government called the NPP has done to our dear country Ghana, considering the collapsed economy, high rates of unemployment, crime and corruption, and an enormous debt without accountability. There was a time when you write against Akufo Addo, despite the truth, there are always people to attack you. Now that the dust has settled and the devastation is seen, those attacks have subsided.

Hunger is now a treat as food, basic necessities, and gasoline prices have drastically increased beyond the control of desperate customers. Inflation has reached its highest height in history. As I keep saying that everything has a time, and Anas' retaliation is just around the corner.

After the NPP government's fall, I think Anas is gearing up to return even more powerfully to finish what he started and this time, to expose and avenge what was done to him. I was surprised to hear him speak up against Charles Bissue's lies once more, especially in light of the death of his colleague, Ahmed Hussein-Suale.

Columnist: Joel Savage