Blame Govt., Churches and traditional leader for gays and lesbian in Ghana.

Mon, 28 May 2007 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

Churches, traditional rulers, and government are to be blamed for the gays and lesbian patronization in our country. Their presence in the country is disastrous for the core principle of the good name Ghanaians had enjoyed. The entire nation understands God’s principles of reproduction to fulfill the purpose of our mission on this earth as man and women married and living together. Not man and man or woman and woman.

Government, traditional leaders, and churches are fully aware that our nation’s youths have engaged themselves in gay and lesbian prostitution. This is an abomination against God’s desire on how He wants us to live. How in the world our government will sit back quietly and allow somebody from South Africa to come to Ghana and go to obscure places and recruit lesbians and gays with their money? How can the government allow these satanic and money hungry hotel owners to use their facilities for prostitution without the consequences of our laws? Lesbian and gay prostitution are forbidden in our country, including all other forms of prostitutions in the country. How this administration allow gays and lesbians from South Africa which has already been spreading aids in their country to come and do something in Ghana.

The government is allowing this nonsense to continue without taking necessary actions against these law breakers who have orchestrated this behavior against our religious principle. They will arrest Ghanaians who are unemployed selling things on the pavement. While these satanic lesbian are allowed to operate their prostitutions to insult our Christian beliefs. While innocents people are going to jail. As Weber, one time said, those politicians who preach democracy outside their country do not practice democracy in their own house. John Agyekum Kufuor’s now walking around other African countries preaching the essence of rule of laws in the continent while he couldn’t apply the same rule of laws to those who are breaking laws in his country.

The NPP party is conservative compare to other parties in the country. In the conservative agenda, they are supposed to unite people with Christian faith, traditional values and stand up for moral values. They are now allowing these gays and lesbians to destroy these values. Kufuor and his NPP party will answer to God and again the people in the 2008 election if they fail to take draconian measures against these lesbian and gay establishments in the country.

Every church in Ghana has a congregation in the obscure places across the country. Their main objective is to establish churches to collect Tithes, without preaching the word of God. If these pastors and elders, who live on offerings and Tithes, from their members contribution to God, will do what God had asked them to do. These individuals who have engaged themselves in these satanic behaviors will not sign a covenant with Beri-ah the first son of the devil. I warn all these churches to stop preaching on Tithes and preach what God wants them to preach to its children, if not, they will answer to God. The generation upon generation of these pastors, elders and apostles families will pay for all these curses. These pastors and elders from various churches have the tendency to engage themselves in peoples’ business, but when it comes to doing God’s business they act unconcerned. We all understand that as Christians we cannot hide our light under a bushel. We were all called by our Lord Jesus Christ to comfort the culture, and we must confront it. The fundamental basis of our ancestor’s beliefs to establish in the system of traditional ruling is to preserve our traditions in times like this from jeopardy.

These traditional leaders have turned their backs on these principles. The traditional leaders should realize that they have a constitutional obligation to continue the ideological legacy of our ancestors for the next generation. Tradition has no limits. Without tradition there is no innovation. As the Bible says, it was God who ordained Kings, Queens and leaders. They have something to answer to God if they fail to take drastic action on His behalf. Tradition is an identification of a culture that determines who we are. As a result of this, these traditional leaders need to wake up from their slumber and stop this idiotic behavior from those South Africans that have the audacity to recruit, and others who has allow their facilities to be used for these satanic purpose.

I advise all the pastors, elders, and the Apostles to realize that they need to stand for things that people deem as controversial. Believing in the gospel, that’s controversial: Believing in the inerrancy of the bible: that’s controversial. Believing the sanctity of life; is controversial. God tell us to stand for all those things. And that is not controversial.

Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

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Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi