Bury your pride; men are like birds of passage

Corpse Dead Dead The author's piece focuses on the effects of pride and ego

Fri, 18 Sep 2020 Source: Ayerakwa Prince

Human beings are like birds of passage. Birds move beautifully in the sky, until being shot by an unknown hunter. That is how humans are; we live happily until an unknown hunter (death) hits one of us. There are some people who made us smile for once--it could be in a car, at a party, at school, at church, at the market, etc.

The sad thing is those people make the world very beautiful for a short moment and then disappear into thin air. Sometimes you wished those people never left because their short conversation with you seemed to be the best you ever had all the while. We go to school and make beautiful classmates in school, but most times after school, it becomes a mystery.

So you see--pride and arrogance don't pay. You have to be humble and never think you are better than anyone else, for people keep departing. The earth we live is not our home; it's a rented apartment--when the rent expires, you automatically leave. Sometimes it won't expire before your landlord or landlady evicts you. Such is life; sometimes, your big dreams and plans never come to pass before death takes you away. Live life to the fullest, for Nana Adu Rockson once said: 'The earth is, but a temporal place.' Explore the natural beauty of the earth until it leaves your hands.

If you die today, you die alone,What your family owes you is to mourn for a while and move on.Friends will only post your photos with touching things and cry thinking about memories and move on. Your inbox will be filled with unread messages and in a short time everybody will forget you. The world keeps spinning with or without you . You got one life to live . Never wait for anything to change before you choose to be happy; continue to motivate yourself and pray. Above all, bury your pride, learn to live with people and be good to them because men are like migratory birds.

Columnist: Ayerakwa Prince